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Signs You Are All Grown Up

by Rachel Greene

Signs You Are All Grown Up, Grown Up Signs

Signs You Are All Grown Up

Age is just a number that gives you  a valid driver’s license or lets you buy a good bottle of wine without being asked for an I.D. You might consider yourself as a grown up because you look like one, but if you’re unsure, then that’s a definite sign that you're yet to be an adult!

all grown up

On a lighter note, here are a few signs that you’re all grown up

ï       From having a large group of friends, you now have a handful: Don’t feel bad that you have lesser friends now than you did earlier. As you get older, you have less patience for other people’s drama. If you’ve silently wondered why there are fewer people who attend your birthday bashes every passing year, it is because you’re sticking on to those people who you care about the most. There is nothing wrong with having a handful of close friends and tens of acquaintances. You’ve just become more selective about who you want to spend time with.

ï       ResponsibilitiesBring them on: You are more responsible and procrastinate less often than you did before. Even when you do put off work, you are guilty about wasting time. All the bills are paid and you have a fair idea when the due dates are. A sign of maturity is knowing that you’ll be at peace when you’ve completed your work.

ï       Before making plans, you look into the planner: You carry a planner, there is a sign of being a grown up. Gone are the days when you made random plans of heading out-of-town, now you’ve got to plan. While there is still enough room to be impulsive, the space is much smaller. You can make an impulsive phone call to meet a friend for dinner after work, but you’ll most likely have to put it off because they have an early start the next day.

ï       No drive-through dinner please: Low tolerance for junk food? Welcome to adulthood. When you’d rather eat at a nice restaurant and savor their specialty with a glass of wine, you are a grown up. If not eating out, you’d rather cook a delicious meal at home.

ï       Hosting more dinner parties: You plan a dinner party a week in advance and send out invitations for RSVP. Look at you being all grown up! Dinner parties seem like the best way to spend time with close friends than going out to a club. Not that you don't enjoy letting your hair down and dancing the night away occasionally, now you seek meaningful interactions and conversations.

ï       You drive to the dentist yourself: You now have a health insurance policy which covers dental health and you keep your dentist appointment. You drive to the dentist on your own after work and head back home.

ï       Work is a priority: You are in the stage of your life where you enjoy working. Work is not something you did for a little extra cash; it now supports your lifestyle. You start to respect your job. You are mature when you segregate work and leisure time.

ï       Focusing on work comes naturally: Remember all the times you sat down to study and couldn’t concentrate for more than an hour? That’s not the case anymore. You have more days filled with productivity than being distracted. Your mind rarely wanders from the task at hand. Zoning out happens only on the days you are tired or distracted.

Growing up is a process and not a moment. When you find yourself surprised at how well you handled a situation, you're a grown-up.


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