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Ten Things You Wouldn’t Believe You can Buy Online

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Ten Things You Wouldn’t Believe You can Buy Online

Online shopping has made life incredibly convenient and has even become a favourite pastime for some. From groceries to clothes to electronics and kitchen accessories, everything is available on the Internet. And by everything we do mean everything. Some of the most bizarre and most unimaginable things can not only be found but also bought online. Let us take a look at ten of the most unbelievable things you can buy online.

  1. Salvia Divinorum: Salvia Divinorum is a plant related to the mint family. While that on its own does not make it something weird to buy online, the plant actually is a potent hallucination substance. Prepared and inhaled the right way, Salvia Divinorum can give someone quite a trip.people search
  2. Tannerite: Tannerite is a substance that makes up one half of a highly explosive mixture. For safety reasons, we won’t reveal the other half here, but Tannerite is available for purchase online in powder form.people lookup
  3. Semen Recipe Book: Apparently, semen is not only used in making babies. There is a book full of recipes called Natural Harvest you can get online and dive into if it takes your fancy. The book claims that semen is packed full of nutrition and who are we to disagree.background check
  4. Replica Fat: Yes, that is correct; you can buy fake fat online. $30 will get you a pound of the substance that looks exactly like human fat. What do you do with it? Anything you like, it’s yours once you’ve bought it.background search
  5. Toilet Throne: Visiting the bathroom not glamorous enough for you? Now you can make every trip to the toilet feel royal with a toilet throne. The throne made from solid ash and a classy stained finish has a toilet bowl built into it. The Toilet Throne costs a whopping $15,817.50, but it plays music when you lift the lid and bells sound when you search
  6. Live Ladybugs: Live Ladybugs by the jar are actually a thing and you can get them for $12.99 a piece. While this might seem weird to most, farmers actually buy these little insects to help pollinate plants and kill off aphids. Who knew?phone lookup
  7. USB Pet Rock: Probably one of the most bizarre things someone could pay money for online is a pet USB rock. Sure it does come with a USB port but once you plug the cable in, it literally does nothing. If that grabs your interest, look it up and see where you can get director
  8. Glow in the Dark Toilet Paper: A self explanatory product, the glow in the dark toilet paper could actually come in quite handy for those nighttime bathroom visits. While keeping the light off, you can still make your way to the toilet and find the toilet paper without a hassle. It might be worth considering buying this, after all.
  9. Canned Unicorn Meat: Tired of the usual canned foods? Corned beef not doing it for you anymore? Looking for a magical meal? Canned Unicorn Meat is the answer. For $12.98, you can get a can which promises magic in every bite.
  10. Guinea Pig Armor: The only thing cuter than a guinea pig is a guinea pig in armor. Get your pet battle ready with this adorable armor specially made for these cute furry rodents. The suit of armor that was available on eBay sold for an impressive $24,300.telephone director

The Internet is an interesting place to be and the things you find there can stretch the imagination. A few honorable mentions are owl puke, genuine fox and coyote urine, and uranium ore.




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