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Unclaimed Money Search – Get what is Rightfully Yours

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$58 billion – this is the sum of Unclaimed Money in the US that is untouched by those it belongs to. It seems surprising that people do not claim back what is rightfully theirs, but there is a good reason behind it – they are simply unaware it even exists.

The mind-boggling sum of nearly 60 billion dollars is defined by law as Unclaimed Money, and fortunately, those that are entitled to it can get it back at any time.

How can there be unclaimed money?
Many people keep a close watch on their financial situation in order to be aware of where they stand, but the financial information provided to you by your bank includes information about your current finances, not about "old money".

As people change location and also move through different jobs, their old bank accounts close, pension funds are forgotten and money starts accumulating in different places. This leads to a situation where people have unclaimed money they left behind, and due to the fact it was forgotten, it has no claimers. This is where an unclaimed money search can be helpful and let you find money you did not even know you left behind.

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Where can I find my money?
Each person is different when it comes to unclaimed money, as the path we take is different as well. Generally speaking, unclaimed money can be found in various places such as:

1. Pensions
2. Life insurance policies
3. State-held unclaimed property
4. Uncashed paychecks
5. Savings bonds (Only in the U.S)
6. Tax refunds

Also, unclaimed money can be found in the hands of the states you previously lived in. according to the law none of the places mentioned above is allowed to use the unclaimed money, meaning you can search and get it back at any time you want.

How to retrieve unclaimed money?
In order to find and also retrieve unclaimed money, you will have to go to the places mentioned in the list, file requests to search the money, and then you can get it back. The search is impossible for many people, especially for those who moved from state to state and will have to search the money in their old places of residence.

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Fortunately, nowadays you can use a helpful, quick and easy to use online tool to do an unclaimed money search – GoLookUp. The website has an unclaimed money directory that can search for money instead of you and give you accurate information about the funds you may have left behind. In order to conduct the search, you will need to enter your first name, last name and state of residence and that it is – the unclaimed money search will be performed for you.

After scanning billions of public records, GoLookUp will provide you with the information about your unclaimed money and its whereabouts in a few minutes. The unlimited searches on the website allow you to conduct as many searches as you need in the states you lived in, and also find unclaimed money that belongs to your relatives – living or deceased.

The amount of unclaimed money in the United States is staggering, which means there is a great chance you have money left behind you are unaware of. GoLookUp can help you find the money you deserve and even provide you with the necessary forms to claim it back.

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