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Why Working Hard in Your 20's is a Must

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Why You Should Work Hard and Do Hard Work in Your 20's

After graduating from college, many people encounter a fork in the road to their future that leads them to different paths. The two major ones are setting sights on a career and busting hump to get there, and the other one is relaxing and taking things slowly. While the ladder option seems like the more tempting of the two, working hard in your 20's has more advantages compared to relaxing, and this is why:

1. You have drive, momentum and energy
Momentum after college is no myth. Once you finish school, you are more likely to succeed if you go on a career path compared to taking it easy. Also, your 20's are a time where you have more drive and energy than in other decades in your life. Your energy peek is around 25, so you should use it in your 20's to work hard and get ahead.

2. You have fewer responsibilities
The 30's are a time where people get involved in serious relationships, start building families and take on major responsibilities – like a mortgage. For most of you, that won't be the case in your early 20s, so it's a great time to work hard without having to worry about people other than yourself. That's even more significant if you start an unpaid internship, or one that doesn't pay like a full-time job. When you have to provide only for yourself, you can manage internships and not have to worry about how your family is going to make ends meet.

3. You have more job opportunities
It's sad to say, but may employers prefer to hire young people over people who are in their 40's and 50's, and many of them do it subconsciously. Hard work in your 20's will allow you to find a good job and also build yourself a reputation in your field, which will open up even more doors for you.

4. You can be the rising star
Working hard in your 20's will help you shine in your place of work, and let your employers know they have someone that's worth noticing. The energy you have in your 20's won't only help you get through long days at work, but also make others aware of the work you put in, which will put you at the top of the promotion list at your job

It may be challenging, but the time after college is the best time to do some hard work and get ahead. You may to put in a lot of effort at jobs in your 20's, but it will pay off once you advance and be able to start hitting the breaks and relaxing more in your early 30's.


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