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3 Junior ROTC Cadets Receive Postmortem Heroism Medal

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ROTC Cadets Receive Heroism Medal, Junior Cadets Honored
The mass shooting that took place last week at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida had three young Reserve Officers’ Training Corps cadets among its victims. The junior cadets - Alaina Petty, Martin Duque and Peter Wang will be awarded with a heroism medal for achievements that “involved the acceptance of danger and extraordinary responsibilities, exemplifying praiseworthy courage and fortitude.”

The victims' families will receive the medal for the young cadets that a least one of them tried to protect fellow students during the shooting. According to eyewitnesses, junior cadet and 15-year-old freshman, Peter Wang, held the school door for others to evacuate during his final moments. Peter will be buried in full uniform as he was wearing his gray Junior ROTC shirt at the time of the shooting.

Peter has also received the honor of being excepted to West Point Academy posthumously – the academy Peter desired to go to.

Alaina Petty, 14, was awarded with her medal at her memorial service on Monday with more than 1,500 people attending the service.

Martin Duque, 14, will be honored with the postpartum medal on Saturday. Families of both young cadets expressed their grief over the tragic loss that is expected to bring to changes on gun background checks and weapons regulations in the country.



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