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5 Ways to Attract a Man

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5 Ways to Attract a Man

As a woman, you may be desiring to meet your prince charming like in the romantic and fairytale flicks. But you may be wondering how to attract him towards you when you cross paths. This is something every woman faces at some point in time. But worry not, the science of attraction is simpler than people think.

While girls get attracted to well-built, healthy, and friendly guys, guys tend to get attracted by the behavior and appearance of girls. Physical attraction of girls plays a big role in attracting a guy. The level of testosterone produced by men also determines the level of attraction towards you.

But you might find it difficult to get the attraction of men because they are all different. Perhaps the following tips can help you:

Be yourself

Men tend to dislike women who put on a false mask. You may cause him to lose interest in you if he finds you too pretentious. Always remember to be yourself while meeting him so that your natural feminine beauty surfaces out. There's no need to act like a diva. Just preserve your simplicity and show your true self to him. He will surely like this.


A smiling, bright face of a woman is something men can't resist. A smiling face is a sign of positivity and happiness, and every man wants to be with someone who exudes these qualities. So why not paste a smile on your face if that attracts your man? Sometimes a smile is all it takes for the man to come to you.

Be confident

A timid and shy personality can turn men off. They like women who are outgoing and confident. So, you need to exude confidence in every step you take. You should know what you are comfortable with and what exactly it is that you are looking for. Never show your insecurity to the guy, especially in the first meeting, because it might put you in a vulnerable position.

Be interesting

If you wish to woo your man, you need to be interesting. No guy would want to hang out with somebody who can't carry on a conversation. You can come across as someone interesting if you have something new to show him. Talk to him about your interests, hobbies, and dislikes. You can even talk about “guy things” like video games and sports if you can take interest in such topics.

Use humor

Last but not the least, show him your sense of humor. Instead of discussing serious subjects, sprinkle some jokes on the conversation. Make him laugh whenever possible so that he loosens up. Your sense of humor and jovial nature can surely be a plus point for you. Make your dating occasions fun-filled!


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