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Five Reasons to not Date Famous People

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Five Reasons to not Date Famous People


Famous people are rich, beautiful and have perfect lives, and we have all hoped to date one at some point or another. But life isn’t always what it looks like on the outside, celebrities have their fair share of problems and trying to date one is not as easy as you think. Here are five reasons why you shouldn’t date a famous person.

1. Lack of privacy: Everybody wants to know what is going on with a celebrity. The fans and the paparazzi are always around trying to be seen with or get a good picture of the famous person. You can forget about romantic dates or even walking down the road in peace if you’re dating a celebrity because there will always be a horde of other people wanting in on the action.

2. Demanding jobs: Famous people get to where they are in life because they have worked hard at it. Actors, singers and businesspeople are constantly working and spend long hours away from home. What is the point of dating someone if you barely get to see them.

3. High stress levels: With demanding jobs come high stress levels. Many famous people have trouble sleeping or go into depression because of the stress that comes along with a high-profile life. Most of them are on prescription drugs to help with their conditions and this in some cases also leads to addictions

4. No regular schedule: If you think that dating a famous person can end in the two of you settling down and living happily ever after, then think again. With their kind of lifestyles there is no regular schedule for anything. Sometimes they work all night for weeks and other time they are traveling. You can never be sure when you next proper meal at a good hour will be with them. They might also expect you to live according to their crazy schedules but if you have a regular job and used to a regular life the adjustment can be quite difficult or even impossible.

5. You always fear that they will cheat: Imagine yourself dating a hot actor and you feel really awesome about it. But what happens when they are away for hours filming sexy scenes with their extremely gorgeous co-star? How do you keep yourself from wondering if they are being unfaithful to you? You might be good at telling yourself that they would never cheat. But this becomes harder and harder the more time they are away surrounded by beautiful people of the opposite sex.


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