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State of Oregon Sitting on a Whopping $600 Million

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Unclaimed Money in Found in Oregon, Unclaimed Money Search
All across America there are $58 billion in unclaimed money that their rightful owners are unaware of. $600 million of them are found in the state of Oregon who is welcoming people to check if they are some of the lucky ones that could have thousands of dollars coming their way. The Oregon Department of State Lands administers the unclaimed property program in Oregon, and has stated that it will send a letter to any person who is entitled to a sum of money larger than $250.

Just last month, a woman in Washington was notified that she is entitled to $500,000. Other people in Oregon and citizens who moved away from the state are on the list of those who are entitled to some of the $60 million in unclaimed money.

How is it possible to have Unclaimed Money?
A lot of people leave money behind in banks, pension funds, life insurances and other places that hold on to it and are legally obligated to give it back to its rightful owners. You can be one of those people, and in order to claim the money back, you will need identification and documentation.

Where do I find my Unclaimed Money?
Whether you have unclaimed money in Oregon or in any other state in the US, you can claim it back at any time you want as authorities can not touch it. a search for the money is available in websites such as GoLookUp that scan public records to search for unclaimed money.

In addition, you can search for unclaimed money belonging to your relatives, living or deceased, on GoLookUp, and discover if you are entitled to cash. The average amount of money claimed back in unclaimed money searches is $900 that cab be a great deal of help.

Claiming back the money is an easy process, and you can also find the appropriate forms on GoLookUp along with the money search. Is you are entitled to money, you will receive it within a 120 day of filing your request, except for in cases where complication or delays arise.

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