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Trump Supports Ban on "bump stocks" Following Mass Shootings

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In the wake of the Las Vegas and Florida shootings over the past few months, President Trump has announced that he moves to ban 'bump stocks'. Tuesday, February 20, Donald Trump has announced he ordered Attorney General Jeff Sessions to ban devices that can make machine guns out of legal weapons.

The memorandum comes in the footsteps of the tragic Las Vegas shooting in which a sole gunman turned guns into assault weapons using 'bump stocks'".

"I expect that these critical regulations will be finalized, Jeff, very soon" Trump said at the White House ceremony of Medal of Valor recipients.

According to press secretary, Sarah Sanders, the President will host guests that have been impacted by school shootings in the White House for a listening session. Sanders told reporters that victims from the Columbine and Sandy Hook shootingsת as well as the recent Parkland, Fla. school shooting victims have been invited to the event.

The listening session will focus on various issues as stated by Sanders, and students will be able to voice their concerns. There was no comment on whether the president would oppose on reinstating a ban on assault weapons, but the white house has supported a bill that will allow to improve the national gun background check system.


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