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San Diego Unclaimed Money Update

by Michael E.

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San Diego - County residents of San Diego will be happy to know that they have about one week to collect a remaining of $380k of $441k available in the treasure tax office. These news come directly from the country treasure tax collector! 

The law in California requires that any country refunds who have remained unclaimed for four years must be moved to the to County fund. 
This is in reference to Tax refunds. 

There is currently 1,503 refunds remaining in the country of San Diego. 

Residents of San Diego have only claimed $61k of $441k which has been sitting with the county. 
Refunds are as little as $10, and go up to $22.720k which belongs to a real estate group. 

You can search for unclaimed money in san diego for free by going to the treasure tax collector website

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