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Best Jobs for College Students!

by Rachel Greene

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Best Jobs While in College

Your highest priority in college is to study. In other words, this should be your full-time job. However, many college students don’t have the luxury to not worry about money. Either they’re paying the tuition themselves or they need a little extra spending money. Getting a part-time job while in college is a great way to earn a little extra green as well as pad out your resume. Who knows? You might even pick up some skills that will be invaluable to you in the future.

1.    Dog walker or Pet sitter

If you’re an animal lover, this won’t feel like a job to you. Being a dog walker/pet sitter is great because the hours are flexible, and you can catch up on homework if you’re on dog house sitting duty. It pays an average of $13.09 an hour.

dog walker background check

2.    Tutor

The hours are usually after school lets out or on weekends. If you aren’t too fond of kids, you should stay away from this one because kids can be ruthless at times. Being a tutor is also a great way to put your skills from college to use. You should expect $17.54 (this is the average) an hour from tutoring.

tutor background check

3.    Freelance writer

Freelance writers get to work from home as well as choose how much work to take on at a time. It’s a great way for English majors to practice their skills and also gives you confidence if you’re considering a career in writing. Freelance writers get paid an average of $24.08 an hour.

writer background check

4.    Bartender

Being a bartender has been a really popular career option since Tom Cruise wowed us all in Cocktail with his fabulous bar-tending skills. A bartender’s base salary isn’t all too impressive, coming in at a measly $7.83 an hour. However, bartenders make a lot more money in terms of tips. If you bartend in a college town, the weekends are usually packed, which means a lot more money for you.

bartender background check

5.    Fitness instructor

For all the fitness enthusiasts out there, this is a great part-time job because you get a guaranteed workout as well as make some money while you work out. What’s not to love? It’s also really rewarding because you help people accomplish their goals. Fitness instructors are paid an average of $19.76 an hour.

fitness instructor background check

6.    Massage therapist

You’ll need a compliance certificate if you decide to go into the field of massage therapy. However, massage therapists receive an hourly wage of $22 an hour which isn’t anything to scoff at. One of the best perks that come with the job is that you get to enjoy free massages from practicing colleagues.

message therapist background check

7.    Uber driver

A car and a smartphone are all you need to become an Uber driver. The barrier of entry isn’t particularly high with Uber drivers averaging an hourly wage of $14 an hour.

8.    Office clerk

Whether you use the term office clerk or receptionist, you’re talking about the same thing. An office clerk's duties include answering calls, filing and data entry. Office clerks aka receptionists earn an average of $12.59 an hour. On a side note, you can do really well at this job if you’re good at multitasking.

office assistance background check

9.    Mystery shopper

This is a fun job because who doesn’t like to get paid to shop. A mystery shopper gets instructed to make a particular purchase and is then supposed to evaluate the entire experience. Mystery shoppers make anywhere from $8-$25 an hour.

mystery shopper background check

10.    Companion

This is one of the most rewarding jobs on this list. A companion assists the elderly, disabled or ill patients with daily tasks and activities. Who knows? You might actually start to look forward to going to work one day. A companion earns an average of $10.91 an hour.

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Before you take a part time job, check the person you are about to work for with a background check! 


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