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4 Best Guard Dogs for Your Home

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The Best Watch Dogs and the Top Family Protection Dogs

Besides being man's best friend, dogs are known for being extremely loyal and protective of their owners. Those protective instincts make some dogs into good guards for your home, so along with the love you'll get from your pet, you'll also get the added benefit of protection to your house.

A good guard dog has several qualities that you should look for, and some breeds are better than others when it comes to protecting their owners property. So, what is a guard dog and what is the best protection dog for your home? Find out here with a list of the top security dogs.

4 Best Guard Dogs

1. Bullmastiff
It only takes one look at this breed to understand why it's one of the best watch dogs around. The Bullmastiff is a loyal guard dog and a very brave one at that. Its height ranges from 25-27 inches for males and 24-26 inches for females. Its weight is anywhere from 110-130 pounds for male and 100-120 pounds for females. The Bullmastiff has a large head and a big body frame that can cause quite the fear with intruders but surprisingly, the breed is one of the good family guard dogs because the Bullmastiffs are very affectionate and gentile with children.

2. German Shepard
If this dog breed is very familiar to you it's because it's often used in the military and police force for protection and detection of illegal substances. The German Shepard is definitely the best kind of guard dog for many people thanks to the fact that it is smart, brave and confident enough to stand in front of intruders and not back down. The height of the German Shepard ranges from 24-26 inches with males and 22-24 inches for females. The weight of this breed is 65-90 pounds for males and 50-70 pounds with females and their loyalty knows no bounds, so it's they are good guard dogs and family dogs all wrapped up in one breed.

3. Doberman Pinscher
Don't let the skinny appearance of this dog breed full you – the Doberman Pinscher is very strong and aggressive when necessary. The dog's sleek body frame makes is very fast, so they react quickly when something is wrong. The Doberman Pinscher is also very clever, extremely vigilant and fearless. The Doberman Pinscher is one of the best watch dogs around, and the breed's size ranges from 26-28 inches for males and 24-26 inches for females. The weight of the dogs in this breed ranges from 75-100 pounds for males and 60-90 pounds for females, and both sexes are considered as a good home guard dog.

4. Rottweiler
Rottweilers are known for their unbelievable strength that comes from their muscular frame and confidence. Some think that it's the best guard dog ever, but it's a matter of preference at the end of the day. Like most large guard dogs, the Rottweiler is very loyal, loving and good with children. A Rottweiler's height ranges from 24-27 inches for males and 22-25 inches for females, it's weight is 95-135 pounds for males and 80-100 pounds for females. The dogs' large built makes them very forceful, and that's why many people choose Rottweilers as the best dogs for pets and protection.

Guard dogs are loyal, loving and very protective of their owners and families, and the 4 breeds listed here can all be the best protection dogs for you and your home.


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