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What are Deep Web Search Engines?

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What are Deep Web Search Engines and What is the Deep Web

When we go online, most of us think that the search engines we use, such as Yahoo or Google, are the only ones that exist out there. However, the internet is much more complicated than what we see on the surface, and the deep web is proof of that. If you aren't familiar with the deep web, it's time to get to know that part of the internet that also affects your life that you are probably unaware of its magnitude.

What is the Deep Web?

The internet has a few layers that make up the different search engines in it. The outer most layer, or surface web, is the part we all use on a daily basis - the surface web. The surface web is made up of search engines that allow us to look for the information we need.

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Google, Yahoo, Bing, social media websites and any other website that you can easily access with your computer, smartphone, and other tools that you have at your disposal make up the surface web.

The deep web, however, cannot be accessed as quickly because it has layers of protection that prevent you from finding specific information the way you find it on the surface web. The data in the deep network cannot be found on traditional search engines, and is usually confidential, like

  • Scientific databases
  • Medical records
  • Financial records

The deep web is designed to protect your personal information, and that is why it cannot be searched and found in traditional methods. For example, your correspondence on social media outlets and your email cannot be found on the surface web because it isn't on it. That type of information is located in the deep network, lucky for all of us.

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Unfortunately, the deep web is not without its faults. Special hacking programs and browsers can help people who have access to them get their hands on your personal information. That is a whole other layer of the internet called The Dark Web, and people trade information on it for money!

The internet is designed to provide us with information about almost anything in the world, and it is also intended to protect our personal information. The deep web offers a layer of protection that helps protect your data, and maybe, it's evil cousin – the dark internet will no longer exist one day.


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