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How to Run a Free Background Check Online

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How to Run a Free Background Check Online

How to Run a Free Background Check Online

Today, a background check is a necessary step in hiring employees for most companies. Indeed, it is extremely useful to make sure that your potential employee is a trustworthy individual who does not threaten the safety and security of your company, employees, partners, and customers. To make things easier, sites that provide reliable and comprehensive background check services are available for free.

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Several industries, especially where employees handle a lot of other peoples’ private and personal information, is often required by law to carry out background checks before hiring anyone. These industries include insurance, finance, and healthcare among many others. Even though your company may not fall under such sectors, it is still strongly recommended that background checks are run to ensure the safety and security of not just your business but everyone involved.

A free background check or sometimes known as a free background investigation or free background screening is the act of looking up details about an individual, mostly using the Internet for absolutely no cost. Free online background checks are mostly used for personal purposes. For example, if you are suspicious of a person you recently started dating, you can easily find out what you need to verify his/her identity. Or if you keep getting calls from unknown numbers, you can find out who the person on the phone is. 

What shows up in a background check report? 

Most people think that background check only include criminal records, but it can also provide sufficient information on financial records and credit history, commercial records, educational history, employment history, references, civil records, and even personal information like your address and that of your relatives. Basically, a background check verifies that people are exactly who they claim to be with no undesirable history whether financially, criminality or one related to sexual offenses.

If you’re wondering just how much of an individual’s history shows up in a background check report, in terms of time frame, here is your answer. According to the Fair Credit Report Act (FRCA), bankruptcies are limited to 10 years, while civil lawsuits, tax liens, collection amounts, court judgments and any other adverse information, except for criminal convictions, are limited to 7 years.

Only criminal convictions have no federal limitation, but this absence of the federal government’s limitation does not automatically imply state-imposed limitation. In fact, many states in the U.S. have adopted a more stringent and restrictive version of the Fair Credit Report Act (FCRA). For example, in the state of California, criminal convictions can be reported only for up to 7 years, due to which companies running background checks can yield results going back only the past 7 years, unless it is specifically agreed differently.

The time you take to receive the results of the background check depends upon the type of service you use to carry out the task. Most free background searches only require you to enter basic information about the individual, like their name; the application would then search thoroughly through an existing database, and yield results instantly. However, if a company requires a live record search of an individual, this will take a longer time. There are also some search services that combine live record searches and database for a unique, exhaustive approach, which definitely takes up a long time.

Mostly, free online background search reports can show the full name, age, address, phone number, information about families and relatives, social media activity, marriage/divorce records, traffic citations, arrest records, criminal records, property information, unclaimed money and many more information about an individual, as well as sex offender status.

How to conduct a free background check online

One of the most reliable and accurate sites to run an online background check for free is The site enables anyone to conduct a background check, a reverse phone lookup as well as check sex offender status.


To conduct a background check, all you have to do is fill in the first name and last name of the person you want to conduct the search on, and select the state they live in. If you are not sure of the state, you have the option of choosing “All States”. Click on “Search” and depending on the data available, you may find the age, address, contact information, possible relatives, arrest and criminal records, marriage or divorce records, and so on of the person in question.

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You can also do a reverse phone lookup, which is basically a service that allows you access to information such as who a person is texting or you can identify unknown numbers, check for spam numbers, and look up missed calls. All you have to do is enter the phone number you want to investigate and click on Search and every available information related to the number will be revealed

There is also a service that allows users to check the sex offender status in any area. All that is required is the zip code of the area and you will have the picture, name, and address of the registered offender as well as a description of the offense.



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