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How to Keep Your Credit Card Safe Online

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How to Keep Your Credit Card Safe Online

Today, almost all of us give out our credit card details on the Internet for various reasons, mostly for online shopping. And although the finance and tech industry has taken many measures to ensure the security of our banking details, there have been many cases of credit card fraud. So, here are the ways you can keep your credit card safe on the Internet.

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  • Be careful of free WiFi

Free WiFi makes everyone happy, but they may not be all that safe and secure. Whether you are using free hotel WiFi or from the coffee shop, such open networks can be easily hacked by online thieves. So, if you connect to them, it’s safer to restrict your online activities to only low-risk ones like streaming or reading. 

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  • Be careful of emails from unknown people, especially with URLs

You should be careful when it comes to emails from unknown people, especially if they contain URLs. These URLs may link to websites that contain viruses, which hackers can use to retrieve sensitive information from your computer and browser, like your credit card details. Even though these websites may look realistic, they can be harmful.

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  • Check your transaction history regularly

To make sure that your credit card details have not been misused by anyone else, check your recent transaction history regularly. But remember to do it only when you have access to a secure WiFi network, preferably the one you use in your own home. It’s even better if you can check your purchase history every day. If you can check your mail every day, you can surely find time to check your credit card transactions too.

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  • Have strong and different passwords for every website

It’s not a very wise decision to have the same password for your accounts on different websites. It’s extremely important to have a different password for each of your accounts, and it’s equally important that they are all strong, with at least 10 characters, including numbers, symbols and lowercases and uppercases. If hackers can hack one account, it’ll be easy for them to hack your other accounts as well if you use a single password.

  • Don’t share too much personal information on social media

Make sure you do not share too much personal information on social media, especially Facebook, like your address, your date of birth, your high school and college, where you work, and so on. Such information can only make a hacker’s job simpler and they will have easy access to your credit card details.
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