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The Future Transportation Technology

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The Future Transportation Technology

The title “The Future Transportation Technology” probably brings to mind teleportation and warp drive tech. But before we jump into hyperspace, let us look at some of the more plausible options closer to home and in the not-so-distant future. We can all agree that our current state of transportation could use a lot of improvement. With congested roads, high greenhouse gasses and particulate emissions, noise pollution, and the impending scarcity of fossil fuel, we need some drastic changes. 

A world with efficient, environmental-friendly transport might seem a bit far-fetched, but the survival of our planet depends on it. We must not only hope and dream of a better way but take concrete steps to make it a possibility. Let us take a look at some new technologies that could change the way we commute in the future.


The future of transportation

The Electric Car: Already in use around the world, electric cars run on batteries that requires recharging every few hours. New technologies are being developed to give this mode of transport better mileage, make the batteries last longer, and make the cars run faster.


Urban Transport Pods: Similar to the smart car, these little vehicles could serve as a mode of public transport in the future. The idea is to have a self-driving smart car-like pod which a commuter could hire like a taxi. The destination can be entered into the touch screen panel and you can sit back and enjoy the ride. Obviously, there has got to be WiFi connectivity as well. These types of pods are already operational in controlled environments like Heathrow Airport, London, and Masdar City, Abu Dhabi.

Self Driving Cars: Google already has self-driving cars up and running. Like auto-pilot on a plane, these cars can be programmed with your destination and they do the rest. The cars also come with the technology to:

  • Pick up GPS and find the destination
  • Get traffic updates and the best routes to take
  • Speed variation
  • The possibility of a collision and how to avoid it

Now, that is quite a package!


Maglev Train: The Maglev or Magnetic Levitation Train runs on the technology of magnetic force. The attraction and repulsion forces of magnetic poles are used to propel the train forward using minimal energy. The trains that are in operation in Shanghai and Japan can reach speeds of 310 miles per hour. Maglev Trains are quieter and more environmentally friendly. The costs of developing a Maglev train is high but with new tech developments, we hope to see more of them in the future.


The Hyperloop Train: Can you imagine yourself in a capsule hurtling through a tube at almost 800 mph? With the Hyperloop technology originally envisioned by Elon Musk, this could soon be a reality. Hyperloop tech operates on the concept of reducing friction and using air to propel the capsule. The tubes that are constructed for this purpose have a low pressure, while air is pumped through the side channels propelling the capsule. The low pressure offers little resistance which reduces friction and allows the capsule to reach its high speeds. Hyperloop tech is fast, cost-efficient, and environmental-friendly.


Solar Sailor: As the name suggests, the Solar Sailor is a technology that uses solar power to drive boats. Ships, ferries, and private yachts can all be powered using this tech. Being out in the open waters allows for plenty of sunlight to be harvested to charge the solar cells. An Australian shuttle has already been using this technology for the past ten years.

With all the new technologies in development and some already in use, the future of transportation and our planet does look bright indeed.

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