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Man and Woman Differences in 2017

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Man and Woman Differences in 2017

 It’s already 2018, and yet we still find ourselves in a society where women are demanding equal rights. Although there have been some improvements, it seems like not a whole lot has changed since the second wave of feminism in the 1960s. Especially in America, with the new administration, women must fight ten times harder not only to demand rights but to keep the rights they have fought for and won.

If, somehow, with everything happening around the world right now, you still think that equality is something both genders can freely flaunt, here are some facts you should consider. 


  1. The wage gap is very much real and not a myth

Some people insist that the wage gap is nothing but a myth. Well, it’s not, and we have the facts to prove it. The United Nation’s International Labor Organization reported that women all over the world make only 77 percent of the amount paid to their male counterparts. Even in Hollywood, compared to the highest paid actor Mark Wahlberg who was paid $68 million, the highest paid actress Emma Stone, who won an Oscar, didn’t even make half of what her male counterpart made, at $26 million.

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  1. Very few women hold executive positions

Business Insider reported that among the Fortune 500 companies, women only make up 17 percent of the board member and 15 percent of C-suite executives. Let’s also include a fun fact: there are more CEOs called “John” than there are women CEOs in America. This is not entirely surprising considering women constitute just 5 percent of CEO positions.


  1. Very few women work in the media

As reported by the Women’s Media Center’s annual report in 2015, women can be seen on camera only 32 percent of the time, while just 37 percent of total print stories are reported by them. It was also found that women write less than half of Internet news, at 42 percent.


  1. Very few women work in tech

In all the tech giants of the world, like Apple, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and Twitter, women do not even constitute 30 percent of all the employees. These are based on the companies’ own diversity reports.

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  1. Women are underrepresented in the government

In the U.S Congress, women make up only 20 percent of representatives. This is especially a sad state since women make up more than half of the entire U.S population, at 51 percent. If this is the case in first world countries, women are even more underrepresented in developing countries.

  1. Women have to pay more for household items

It’s true and everyone knows it. Personal care and sanitary items like shampoo, deodorant and perfumes and so on are priced much higher if they are for women. Even socks and shirts cost more for women than men.


  1. Women are more likely to be victims of domestic and sexual violence

According to the World Bank, women aged between 15 and 44 have higher risks of being domestically or sexually abused than they have risks of getting cancer, malaria or involved in car accidents. Also, the CDC reported that 1in 5 women in America have been raped, compared to 1 in 71 among men. Moreover, the U.N reported that around 70 percent of women experience a form of violence during their lifetime.

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  1. Women are more likely to live in poverty than men

11 percent of retired women live below the poverty line as compared to 6.6 percent of men, CNNMoney reported. Not just retired women, but women, in general, are poorer than men, as 15.5 percent of women in the U.S live below poverty line, compared to 11.9 percent of men.
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