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5 Worst Types of Coworkers

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5 Worst Types of Coworkers and Work Colleagues at Work

In life, we all have to face certain things that we have no control over, and the people we work with can present us with quite the challenge on a daily basis. Unfortunately, we can't choose our colleagues, so the only thing to do is just suck it up and try to avoid them.

Like in many other things is life, you have your annoying work colleagues, and then you have the ones that are absolutely unbearable… These 5 types of coworkers are the worst of the worst, and if you happen to work with them, just turn around and walk away slowly.

1. The busy bodies
These types of colleagues lurk around in dark corners to hear all the hottest office gossip and pass it around. They're usually not shy about asking you personal questions, even if you're not that close, and once they get the info they want, you can be sure they won't keep it to themselves. The busy bodies are also known for spreading around rumors and even saying things about colleagues to the managers, which can be pretty risky.

2. The credit hoggs
Team work is very important in any workplace, and while most people pitch in to finish projects together, the credit hoggs act as if they did all the heavy lifting by themselves. These work colleagues usually try to grab the spotlight and present projects by themselves to make it seem like they should be given all the credit. After they finish talking and make it look like they did it all by themselves, they take the credit and usually finish with "I worked very hard on it".

3. The constant complainers
Every job has its challenges, and everyone goes through certain difficulties in their work place from time to time. While most of us try to push through hardships and solve the problems we have at work, the constant complainers seem to have it rough all the time. These work colleagues complain about everything from stale bagels to the bathroom not having their favorite brand of toilet paper. Talking to them is exhausting and they make everything look grim and hopeless, which is depressing for everyone around them.

4. The lazies
These work colleagues do the bare minimum to get through the work day, and you'll usually find them slowly clicking on their keyword at a rate of 5 words per minute. They don't have motivation, don't like their job and make the most effort to do the least amount of work. Doing a project with them is like getting blood out of a stone, and they are definitely not co-workers that you want to friends with.

5. The creepers
If you feel like someone is staring at you, you're probably right if you work with a creeper. Colleagues that can only be defined as 'creepy' don't really have a sense of personal boundaries, and it's enough to get a single look from them to feel uncomfortable. The creepers usually don't have tact and they can say something out of the blue that makes you want to hide out for the rest of the day, far, far away from them.

As much as we would all like to choose the people we work with, it is unfortunately not possible. Luckily, most places that have the worst kinds of work colleagues also have a few good eggs to balance things out, so you should try and focus on them.


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