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Clayton County Jail Inmate Search and Overview
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The Clayton County Jail or the Jail Operation Division works in two separate sections. These sections are the Jail Administrative Operations Section and the Jail Security Operations. The Jail Security Operations is managed by two separate captains. Captain Peterkin is responsible for the management of housing units 1, 2, 6 and 7, the infirmary and the orientation units. Captain Barnes, on the other hand, manages housing units 3, 4, 5 and eight along with the dormitories and work release.

The Jail Security Team

The Jail Security Teams are divided into three groups operating in 3 different shifts. Each group is tasked with working an 8-hour shift, and each group has one lieutenant and three sergeants. The jail security team interact with inmates regularly on a one-on-one basis to ensure that all the regulations and protocols are being followed. They also ensure the proper living conditions of inmates looking after the cleanliness, times of meals and their proper health. These teams also coordinate the booking and release of inmates for court and medical appearances.

Clayton County Jail

The Intake procedure

After an arrest has been made by an officer, the inmate is delivered along with any committal documents to the intake department. There the inmate is searched for ensuring safety and security and subsequently booked into the computer database. After the booking process, several datasets are collected from the inmate such as photographs, fingerprints, and others. The inmate is provided with proper clothing for the jail, and all the properties and items held by the inmate are collected here and maintained by a third-party property management company. Before being moved into the housing section, each inmate is clinically evaluated for various conditions and diseases. Any kind of medication or special care that is required by the inmate is noted during this time, and it ensured that the inmate receives the proper care during their period of custody.

Orientation Process

After the successful completion of the intake process, the inmates are taken for orientation which happens in a separate orientation unit. Here the inmate is taught about the various rules and protocols governing the jail and the various facilities and services are explained. The inmates are given a clear picture regarding what’s expected out of them and the way they should conduct themselves within the facility. Each inmate is provided with an initial set of supplies that they will generally need for housing and upkeep. The orientation process takes around three days, and during this time, all the inmates participating in the orientation are restricted from having any kind of visitors or gain commissary items.

Clayton County Jail Inmate Search

Clayton County Jail Inmate Search

There are two main methods that allow you to perform a Clayton County Jail inmate search:

1. County operated search – Clayton county operates an online system that allows users to track down inmates in the facility. The online docket is a name-based search directory, so you will need to enter the name of the inmate you are searching for to track them down. The search results provide data about inmates who are currently held in Clayton County Jail, and you can also perform a 48-docket search, a 14-day docket search, and a 31-day docket search.

2. Inmate search directory – GoLookUp provides users with a quick inmate search service you can use at all times. Once you enter the name of the inmate you want to find in the Clayton County Jail, the website will perform the search for you. The fast directory scans public records in Clayton County and collects data about the inmate whose name you entered. You can perform unlimited inmate search queries with GoLookUp, and you will get the information you need in a matter of moments every time.

The Activities of the Clayton County Jail

The mission of the Clayton County Prison is to provide a safe, secure and sanitary place for the incarceration of the inmates and duty of the various staff employed. Their duties also include making sure that all protocols and processes are completed within time and that the routine inside the detention facility is properly maintained. Some of the various responsibilities that fall under the purview of the Clayton County Jail are mentioned below.

  • Properly administering, maintaining and storing various kinds of court orders and documents.
  • Booking and processing of inmates that brought to the jail.
  • Housing, timely provision meals and ensuring proper community activities for all the inmates in custody.
  • Proper medical assessment and timely care for all the inmates.
  • Ensuring religious and educational services and classes for the development and rehabilitation of the inmates.
  • Providing visitation facilities to the family and friends of inmates.
  • Maintenance of the safety of personnel and security of the facilities.

Work release and processing release of inmates.

clayton county jail booking

Clayton County Inmate Search

The Clayton County Sheriff's office offers information about Clayton County jail booking you can get at any time. If you need to find an inmate in the jail or if you want to find out if a person is currently held in the facility, you can use the online service at all times. The Clayton County jail booking data on the Sheriff's site is available in two ways:

1. you can type in the name of the inmate you are looking for into the directory to find out if they are currently held in the facility.

2. You can view docket books with names of inmates from the past 24 hours, 14 days or 31 days.

Another method for tracking down inmates who are in Clayton County jail is using an inmate lookup directory. GoLookUp's inmate search directory will help you find an inmate in any facility in the country, including Clayton County jail. To find the Clayton County booking data on GoLookUp, you will need to enter the name of the person you are searching. The system will then scan public records, including criminal records, and provide you with booking data about the said person.

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