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Cook County in Illinois is the second most populous county to the US, being a runner up only to the Los Angeles county in California. The population in Cook County has passed the 5,200,00 mark, and it has more residents than 28 US states.

Cook county is home to the biggest one site jail in America, spreading across 96 acres, and housing over 6,500 inmates. The jail holds some of the most notorious criminals in the county who have committed horrible crimes. If you need to conduct a Cook County inmate search in the Cook county jail, or any other correctional facility in the area, you can do so in a number of ways you will learn about these.

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Cook County Crime Rate

Both property crime rates and violent crime rates in Cook county are greater than the national average:

Property crime rate is 5,020 per every 100,000 residents (US average - 3,801)

Violent crime rate is 4,920 per every 100,000 residents (US average - 3,110)

Between 2009 to 2015, the homicide (murder rate) in Cook county reached 11 murders per every 100,000 residents.



Inmate Search Cook County - a How to Guide

The Cook county sheriff's office allows residents of the state of Illinois to conduct an online Cook county inmate search. To find the location of a certain inmate in Cook county, you can use the inmate locator search in the Sheriff’s website by providing the first name and the last name of the inmate in question. You can also use the booking number of the inmate you are searching for in the same sheriff’s online service.

If you want to conduct a more in-depth inmate search in Cook county by using other online services, such as free inmate search websites, or free background check websites.

Before you use a free Cook county inmate search, you must learn more about the two kinds of such services:

  1. Completely free of charge sites - there are free inmate search websites that do not require you to pay any fees for their service. While a free service of any kind is always welcome, this is not the case with free inmate search sites. Free of charge websites cannot provide you with protection on your personal data because they lack the resources for this type of cyber protection. Furthermore, free inmate search websites also lack the means to access all the public records that hold inmate information.
  2. “Free” of charge websites - aside from free inmate search websites, there are sites that charge you a payment for certain services. With this type of free background check websites, you will be provided with a bit of information free of charge, and you will be required to pay for additional services.

A True Cook County Inmate Search

The best way to conduct a Cook county inmate search, and receive full information about a certain inmate is to use an accurate and reliable source of information. GoLookUp is a website that provides many public records services, such as an inmate search.

GoLookUp allows you to conduct a Cook county inmate search by entering the first name and the last name of the person in question. Immediately after you enter the information into the search query, GoLookUp scans all criminal and public records in Cook county to give you a full report. The report includes the location of a certain inmate, as well as his mugshots, his arrest records, and full criminal history.

Along with an accurate inmate search, GoLookUp also provides a round the clock customer service support, as well as protection of information. Whenever you search for an inmate on GoLookUp, you search and personal information are fully protected by layers of cyber protection. This allows you to have the peace of mind that no one can tap into your personal data and see what you have been searching.

GoLookUp also provides its users with unlimited searches, so you can look up as many people as you want without paying more money.

The large jail and prison population in Cook county can make it difficult to find a particular inmate. If you need to conduct a Cook county inmate search, GoLookUp is the best service for you that will provide you with all the data you want about the inmate in question.



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