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Highlands County Jail Overview: Population, Inmates, Arrests, and Information

The Highlands County Jail was originally opened in 1924 and housed some 32 inmates at the time. A new jail was constructed in 1957 to accommodate 82 inmates. Staff was increased to a total of 10 employees – Correctional Officers, Dispatchers, and Deputy Sheriffs. As the county kept growing, another expansion was facilitated in 1985 – adding 60 beds to be able to house 142 inmates. More overcrowding was experienced in the 90s, and so in 1996, the jail was renovated, and its inmate capacity increased to 316. The newest addition to the detention facility increased capacity further to 512 in 2004.

The Highland County Sheriff’s Office which administrates the Highland County Jail employs 224 sworn-in law enforcement officers and detention members as well as 121 civilian support members.

Highlands County Jail Overview

The Highland County Jail is located on 338, South Orange Street, Sebring, FL 33870. The Highland County Detentions Bureau is headed by Major Tim Lethbridge. The Bureau’s mission is to be able to provide a functional, safe and secure environment for its staff and inmates without compromising on efficiency or professionalism. The detention bureau provides basic care and custodial services for every arrested individual. The inmate population of the detention center consists of pre-trial, pre-sentenced, county and state-sentenced females and males along with juvenile offenders adjudicated as adults.

Highlands County Jail
The detention bureau performs correctional services in three capacities. Other than these three capacities, there is a special Crisis Negotiation Team (CNT) also supervised by Major Lethbridge. It is a secondary duty team formed by members of the detention bureau staff who perform other primary duties. Their job is to respond to hostage situations, persons in crisis and barricaded subjects calmly and collectedly to diffuse tense situations to bring about a peaceful resolution.

Highlands County Jail Visitation

Inmates held in General Population of the jail are allowed up to two hours of visitation per week, in addition to clergy visits, law enforcement interviews, and attorneys. Visitations are allowed every day of the week except Sundays and holidays. The timings are – Monday-Friday: 7 am to 9 pm. Saturday: 7 am to 2 pm. Visitors have to schedule their appointments and visits are allowed twice per week.

Visits should at least be scheduled 24 hours in advance. A maximum of two visitors can visit an inmate. Adult visitors will be required to furnish a valid photo ID for approval. Minors are always to be accompanied by adults. Visitors should be appropriately dressed. Visitors must duly maintain conduct and decorum, failing which their visitation rights may be revoked. The rules for online visitation are also the same.

Highlands County Jail Contact Information

You can visit an inmate or write to him/her at 338, S. Orange St., Sebring, Florida 33870. You may phone in for any query at 863-402-7201 and may send across your fax to 863-402-7271.

Highlands County Jail Inmates


The Highlands County Jail in Florida is a corrections facility which houses around 512 inmates under the expert administration of Major Tim Lethbridge. Its average daily inmate population is 376. 110 full-time staff are on operation at all times. Most inmates here have been convicted of a property crime. Murder and non-negligent manslaughter make up the least committed crime amongst the jail population here.

The Highlands County Jail seeks to provide a comfortable custodial experience to its inmates and opportunities for them to be able to rehabilitate themselves to ease them back into public life after their sentence has expired. Inmates here are provided with regular visitation and medical services. A commissary is also provided to further take care of any needs that they may have.

Highlands County Booking and Inmate Search

Contacting inmates at the Highlands County can be performed after you make sure the person you want to contact is held in the facility. If you want to call or visit an inmate in the Highlands County jail, you will need to perform a Highlands County inmate search. Luckily, you can use two online inmate search directories that can provide you with information about persons currently incarcerated in the facility:

1. Highlands County sheriff booking: the Highlands County booking data is provided by the local sheriff's office at Highlands County, who operates an online Highlands County inmate search directory that can help you find inmates by their name and booking date. To use the service, enter the name or booking date of the inmate in question, and the directory will let you know if they are held on the facility.

Highlands County Booking

2. Inmate search directory on GoLookUp: the inmate search directory on the website requires you to provide the name of the inmate you are searching. After you enter the name into the directory, it will track down information from public records and provide you with a report about the person in question. The report will include the latest Highlands County booking data about the person you are searching, including whether they are held at Highlands County jail.

Highlands County Police Records

If you want to find Highlands County police records of current or past detainees, you can use GoLookUp's advanced police records search directory; with this directory, you will be able to find Highlands County police records of people that you want to know more about. It can help you find out if someone that you know has a criminal record if certain people are lying to you about their criminal records, if someone has a violent sexual past, and much more.

To find Highlands County police records, you need to provide the directory with the first name and the last name of the person that you are searching. Once you do so, the search engine will scan all the public records that are registered to the name of the said person, and it will let you know if they have Highlands County police records, and what is listed in those records.

Highland County Mugshots

Highlands County Mugshots

One of the most important things when it comes to a criminal records' search is the mugshot; because many people share the same name, a criminal records' search could lead to you finding records of someone who has the same name as the person that you are searching. So, when searching for Highlands County inmate records or criminal records, make sure the report contains Highland County Mugshots.

For a focused search, you can perform a Highlands County Mugshots query on GoLookUp that will provide you with the mugshots of the person that you are searching. Once you enter the name of the person/inmate that you are searching, GoLookUp's search engine will scan criminal records and it will provide you with Highlands County Mugshots if they are available via the person's public records.

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