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Pennsylvania Inmate and Arrest Records Search

Running an inmate search is important to find out if someone is in jail because:

  • It can help you ensure the safety of your family if you’re planning to shift houses.
  • It can make you aware of someone who was arrested in the past and tell you about whether they are still incarcerated or they have been released.
  • It can give you access to information regarding any criminal convictions of relatives you haven’t heard from in a long time.

County jails are those that hold offenders awaiting their trial date or hearing for sentencing or those who are serving sentence periods of less than 1 or 2 years. State prisons, on the other hand, have inmates serving sentences of more than 1 or 2 years after they have been found guilty of the crime. Offenders who have been charged with federal crimes and found guilty are sent to federal prisons. Knowing about these differences will help you perform a more accurate search and ensure that you’re looking in the right jurisdiction.
 How to Find if Someone is in Jail in Pennsylvania

Searching for Pennsylvania state prison inmates online

Information about inmates serving their sentence in Pennsylvania state prisons is maintained in a centralized inmate database by the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections. The Pennsylvania Inmate Finder can help you find the location, status and other selective information on inmates under the jurisdiction of the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections. To find information on an inmate here, visit the inmate search page of the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections and fill in details you know about the inmate. Details to be provided include first, middle, or last name.

The Inmate number assigned by the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections can also be entered. Gender, race, and citizenship options also help to narrow down the search results. You can even search for an inmate through the current location as well as committing county features. Submit your request for information on the inmate once you’ve filled in the necessary details and the website will generate a record with details about the inmate you’ve searched for. Verifying the results to ensure that they are up to date will help to make better use of the results and be of public service.

Using third party sites

Apart from using the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections’ official Inmate Finder, you can make use of third-party sites online to help you with accessing information about an inmate online in the state. Third-party sites also require basic information about the inmate to run a search. The basic information needed includes the person’s first and last name, whether or not the person is in a state or federal prison, and other information like gender, birth date, and race, can help to narrow the search and improve the accuracy of results. Working with a reliable third-party site will ensure you have access to accurate information while protecting you from any scams that may occur in the process of accessing inmate records.

How to Find if Someone is in Jail in Pennsylvania
How to find if someone is in jail via phone or fax?

Approaching the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections directly is also a possibility if you do not want to or, for some reason, cannot access inmate information online. If you’re a victim looking for an update about the current status of your offender, you can access the information by getting in touch with your local state police department, local congressman or the prosecutor in charge of your case. You can even make a request to be updated if your offender is released. A phone call or mail on the following details to the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections will give you access to the information needed:

Phone number:

  • 717-728-2573

Mailing address:

Pennsylvania Department of Corrections

1920 Technology Parkway
Mechanicsburg, PA 17050

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