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Georgia Arrest Records and Inmate Search
You may know someone who has been imprisoned. You may want to know if he has been released from prison. You may have a friend you are trying to trace who you suspect is in jail. A dear friend or family member may have been involved in an offense and sentenced to prison. You may want to find out in which prison he is housed, so you can visit. These are some of the reasons why you would want to search for inmates in prisons.

A state prison is a correctional facility where those who commit serious crimes and crimes that involve punishment of more than a year are housed. County jails, on the other hand, are local jails managed usually by the Sheriff. Those awaiting trial or those sentenced for misdemeanors where the punishment is imprisonment for less than a year are housed in county jails. It is possible to search for inmates of prisons to find someone who is lodged there.

Georgia inmate search
Searching for Georgia State Prison Inmates
In the state of Georgia, all the state prisons are managed by the Georgia Department of Corrections. The respective county officials maintain county jails. To find someone in the county jail, you need to visit the county website and find the contact details and call them directly. If you are searching for an inmate of a state prison in Georgia, you can do it through their official website.

The Georgia Dept. of Corrections has an Inmate locator utility on its website that can be accessed from here. You need to accept the disclaimer, and then the search options are displayed. You can find a prison inmate by entering one or more of the details specified in the search form.

The details you can enter include:
  1. a) Last Name
  2. b) First Name
  3. c) Gender
  4. d) Race
  5. e) Age range
  6. f) Most recent institution housed
Please note that the more details you enter, the more accurate the search result would be. There is an option to search by prisoner ID or case number. When you enter the details and click on Submit Form, the names matching your search criteria are displayed. Click on the record of the person you are looking for. It shows the profile of the prisoner. This profile contains the name of the prison the person is housed and other details.

Using Third-Party Sites

While the official website of the Georgia Dept. of Corrections can help you find an inmate in prison, there are third-party websites that can also be of use. These websites are run by private organizations and compile data from the official website for the convenience of users. These third-party websites can be used to search for prison inmates by using their name, prisoner ID, and other fields.

Georgia Arrest Records

Websites like have a compilation of prisoner data. You can easily find prison inmates through the website. It must be noted that this is not an official record and meant for informational purposes only. is another such website with data and complete information on prison inmates.

How to Find out if Someone is in Jail by Phone or Fax

The Georgia Department of Corrections can be contacted for information related to inmates and also records of prison inmates. The phone number of the department that can be used is (404) 656-4661. There is also an Ombudsman in the system who can be contacted if anyone feels they are not getting fair treatment when they make an inquiry. The Ombudsman can be contacted on (478) 992-5358.

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