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How to Search for inmates

As of 2018, there are 2,230,300 adults behind bars, either in jails or prisons, according to the US Bureau of Justice Statistics. That comes to about 655 inmates per every 100,000 people in the US alone. Many of these inmates get transferred from one facility to another, which can make in difficult to search for them. If you are looking for a certain inmate, it may be difficult to do so without the proper tools. To conduct an inmate search and contact someone you know who is behind bars more easily, use these tips that will make the search a whole lot simpler:

The basics:

Before you start your inmate search, you will have to have at least several basic details about the person you are searching for in prisons or jails. The details you will need are:

  1. Legal name (first name and last name)
  2. State of incarceration
  3. Name of the facility

Using these details, you can do an inmate search in the following ways and contact the person you are looking for in various facilities.

  1. A state search – if you know where a certain inmate is located, you can search for them in state facilities. To do that, you will need to contact the prison/jail itself and ask if the inmate you are searching for is found there. You can also contact the federal services in the state where the inmate is held and ask if they have information about their exact location.
  2. Free online databases – if you don't know where an inmate you are searching for is held, you can use free online inmate locators to find him/her. Inmate locator websites will require you to provide them with the name of the inmate, at the very least, to help you locate them. Keep in mind that your free search might come up empty with these type of websites – unfortunately, they lack the proper resources and funding to access all public records in the US and give provide you with full inmate information.
  3. GoLookUp – to conduct an accurate inmate search, you will have to use a professional website that will provide you with complete information about a certain inmate. GoLookUp's inmate search will not only give you information about an inmate's whereabouts, but it will do so in a manner of minutes. The inmate search service on GoLookUp is based on public records that hold information about inmates all across the United States. The website's quick inmate search engine scans millions of public records and provides you with data about the person you are searching for in every state you need. All you have to do to find an inmate with GoLookUp is provide their legal name! The system will then scan public records in all US states and give you information about inmates by that name. That way, you can ID the inmate you are searching for by looking at mugshots of the inmates with the same name. If you know the state in which a certain inmate is held, you can narrow down the possibilities by providing that information in you search. Along with the location of an inmate, GoLookUp will also provide you with data about the offenses they committed and their entire criminal history.

An inmate search can help you find a specific person in America's prisons and jails and contact them, if that is what you need to do. The fastest and most accurate way to do so is by using GoLookUp's inmate search service that will provide you with the exact information about the person you are searching for and the facility where he or she are held. Thanks to the inmate search on GoLookUp, you can reach out to inmates you know and even find long lost friends/family members that are a part of America's correctional system.

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