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Inmate Money Transfers Explained

If you have loved ones in prison, you know that they need money for different necessities; inmate money transfers allow them to purchase phone time, buy necessary items at the commissary, purchase email time, and pay for other services and necessities. To make a money transfer to an inmate, you can use several money transfer methods that will allow them to purchase what they need. The following guide will let you know how to send money to inmates, and provide you valuable tips on the process.

Before You Send Money

Before you send money to an inmate, you need to remember the following:

How much to send – you need to send an amount that is not too small and not too large. Think about what the inmate needs to purchase, and send them the necessary amount. If you can communicate with the inmate, ask them how much money they need.

Keep in mind the restrictions – facilities have certain restrictions when it comes to inmate money transfers. There are maximum amounts you can send, and in certain cases, there are also restrictions about who can transfer the money. To find out all these restrictions, enter the facility's website and read the money transfer information and restrictions.

How to Send Money to an Inmate

Inmate Money Transfers

There are several ways to transfer money to telecom and commissary accounts; the methods vary according to the type of facility, restrictions, and regulations that are determined by the state and the facilities. There are also private contract facilities that have regulations of their own. It is also important to make sure the money transfer account of the inmate is set up properly, and that he/she receives money transfers.

Once you discover all the restrictions and regulations of money transfers in the facility where the inmate is held, you can send them in one of the following ways:

  • MoneyGram or Western Union – these money transfer services allow you to send money electronically. Each of these methods allows performing a quick money transfer – usually within four hours. When using one of these services, you need to make sure you enter accurate account information so the money is received by the inmate.

Aside from MoneyGram and Western Union, you can use other electronic money transfer services, like Access Corrections and JPay. To find out which services are the quickest and most efficient, you can check money transfer service sites. There, you will be able to discover how the money can be transferred, what are the transfer fees, how easy it is to transfer money, and more.

Send Money to Prison

  • Phone transfers – you can transfer money to inmates via phone or in-person from an agent.
  • United States Postal Service – you can send money to inmates via the United States Postal Service. These types of inmate money transfers can only be made via money order. You cannot transfer money to inmates through the United States Postal Service with a personal cheque or cash cheque. With a US postal money transfer, you need to provide the inmates eight-digit register number and their full name.

If you need to send money via a personal cheque, you can use the services of other institutions, like Lock Box. You can find information about money transfer institutions in websites in the state where the inmate is incarcerated.

Finding Inmates in the United States

To make an inmate money transfer, you need to first find out the location of the person you want to send money to. When you get this information, you will be able to discover their money transfer information. To find out where an inmate is held, you can use one of the two following methods:

1. Local sheriffs' websites – local sheriff's offices provide an online inmate roster of people in jail. So, to find out an inmate's location, get on their official website, and search for the person you want to send money to. You can also search for inmates who are held in prison on state-run websites that contain information about inmates who are held in different facilities across the state.

Inmate Money Transfer

2. Inmate search website – you can look up inmates by using inmate search sites, like GoLookUp. To perform an online inmate search, you need to provide the name of the person in question. After you type in the name of the inmate, the search engine will scan public records, including criminal records, and you will be provided with information about the inmate in search. If you cannot find the inmate based on their name, you can use a name-based directory, a reverse email search, or a reverse address lookup. In each case, you will get the inmate's information, including the facility they are held in.

Sending money to inmates allows them to purchase important items and services in prison and in jail. To send money to an inmate, you need to find out where they are held and choose the best money transfer method from the methods listed above.

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