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Marion County Jail and Detention Center Information

There are two jails in Marion County, Indianapolis. The first jail is located at 40 S, Alabama Street. Indianapolis, Indiana 46204. The second jail’s address is 730 East Washington Street. Indianapolis, Indiana 46202.

Marion County Jail Chaplains

Chaplain Michael A. Wolley is the Senior Chaplain of the Sheriff’s Department at Marion County. He has a staff force that contains chaplain assistants numerous volunteer chaplain assistants from different walks of life. Some 30 religious institutions conduct worship services and hold classes weekly/monthly. Wolley and his staff are responsible for nearly 3000 inmates in four facilities.

The department provides one-on-one counseling for staff and inmates in the Administration Division, Communication Division, Jail Division, Civil Division, Communication Division, and Law Enforcement Division. They also organize baptismal services, religious services, and marriage ceremonies. The staff is available round-the-clock to provide bereavement counseling for inmates who have lost their loved ones during their incarceration.

Marion County Jail
Chaplain Wolley has ample experience working as an ordained clergyman, program director for a jail and law enforcement officer. All this experience has equipped him well to oversee the needs of the prison inmates. He has partnered with community organizations in the greater Indianapolis community which develop pre-release programs where inmates can be placed on release from jail. It is an effort to make their transition from jail-life to regular life smoother.

Chaplain Fred Madren oversees operations in Marion County Jail II.


Commissary and Depositing Money

Both jails provide commissary facility to their inmates, where inmates can purchase luxury items from. These inmates use the money in their respective accounts to complete their purchases. The money that they use comes from their family/friends who deposit this money into their jail account. Deposits can be made in both the jails using U.S. Mail but only using Postal Prepaid Money Orders, U.S. government checks and other accredited prepaid money orders. Information required on the check is – inmate’s name, cell block number, Gallery number, and date of birth. If any of this information is amiss from the money order, it will be sent back to the sender.

You can also drop off cash and money orders at the Marion County II Jail facility on weekdays 8am-4.30pm. The person dropping off the money should have a valid State I.D. or driver’s license.

Marion County Jail
Marion County Jail Mail

All mail sent to incarcerated inmates of both Marion County Jails is delivered in person. Mail is distributed Monday-Friday. No delivery is processed on holidays and weekends. Inmates are only eligible to receive their mail if they possess a valid and legible jail identification armband. Any mail, i.e., not “legal mail” is searched for contraband before being handed over to its recipient. When sending a mail to an inmate at Marion County Jail – specify Inmate Name at the time of arrest, cell housing no., jail I.D. no. and which Marion County Jail they’re housed in.

Marion County Jail Visitation

Marion County II Jail allows visitation from Tuesday-Saturday. Regular visits are appointment only and received a business day before the day of the visit itself. Visitation ensues from 8.45 am and ends at 4.15pm on Tuesday-Friday; on Saturdays, it starts at 7.30am and ends at 2.15pm. The Appointment Line phone number is 317-266-0017. It is open Tuesday-Friday, 9am-1pm and 8am-noon on Saturdays or until all appointment slots are full.

An inmate is allowed two family visits in a month. Inmates in “Disciplinary Segregation” will be banned from family visit privileges.

Attorneys can visit throughout the week from 7am-11am, 1.30pm-5.15pm, 7.30pm-9.45pm. They must present a valid Supreme Court of Indiana I.D. Certificate of Good Standing, a valid I.D., and picture I.D. to be allowed visitation. There are no restrictions on the number of visits between an attorney and the inmate he/she is responsible for.

Marion County Indiana Jail Inmate Locator

Marion County Indiana Jail Inmate Locator

If you want to invoke your visitation rights and visit inmates in Marion County jail, you need to perform a Marion county Indiana jail inmate locator. By searching inmates in the facility, you will also be able to write of contact them however you desire. There are two kind of Marion county Indiana jail inmate locator services, and both of them are available to you online:

Indiana Government's website – this Marion county Indiana jail inmate locator service lets you find out if certain people are incarcerated in Marion County jail. You can perform the search by entering the first name, last name, and date of birth of the inmate. Or, you can use the second search method that that requires you to enter the booking number/permanent number/state ID/FBI number/ICE number of the inmate.

Inmate search directory – for a wider search, you can use GoLookUp's professional inmate search directory that will let you know if the person you are searching is held in Marion County jail. The search is public records-based, so it is accurate, quick and reliable. After you provide the directory with the full name of the person you are searching, the Marion county Indiana jail inmate locator will let you know if they are in the facility.

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