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Mecklenburg County Jail Central Charlotte NC

Mecklenburg County Jail consists of two main facilities – Central and North, which were open to inmates in 1997 and 1994 respectively. Mecklenburg County Jail Central, 801 East Fourth Street, Charlotte, North Carolina, 28202, includes of the following – pre-trial detention and arrest processing center facilities. It also provides a fully functional medical component, which comes with administrative services, property storage, and an infirmary. Major T.E. White is the facility commander, and Captain A. Hicks is the Administrative Captain of this jail. The total cost for Mecklenburg County Jail was $142,300,000, and (980) 314-500 is the contact number.

Located in 8235 Spector Street, Charlotte, North Carolina, 28269, it took $33,200,000 to build Mecklenburg County Jail North. In 2010, expansion took place, which gave the opportunity to open various units to help the inmates. Major David Hill and Captain Jeff Eason is the Facility Commander and Administrative Captain respectively. To contact Mecklenburg County Jail, dial (980) 314-5500.

Mecklenburg County Jail

Mecklenburg County Jail Central

Mecklenburg County Jail Central comes with a variety of facilities, as it has enough space to house 1,904 inmates. The jail covers a total area of 707, 500 square feet, with two medical clinics and a conference center.

It also has 18 single beds in the medical infirmary, 71 beds in the dormitory unit for those with mental and medical health problems. There are 63 beds for mass arrest and classification and five high-security housing units, with 46 beds possessing plumbing facilities. Similarly, there are five special housing units, which offer 54 beds and adequate plumbing facilities. There are nine special and classification housing units, with 48 beds, that fall under the wet cell category.

In the dry cell classification, there are two housing units with 28 beds and 12 general housing units with 56 beds. There is a single dormitory unit for keeping female weekender inmates, with 16 beds. For male weekender inmates, there are two dormitory units, with 50 beds.

Mecklenburg County Jail North

Mecklenburg County Jail North, covering 281,838 square feet, can accommodate 614 inmates. Under eight general housing facilities, there are four wet cells, 52 dry cells, and 56-bed pods. For the county garage workers and work crew, there is a single 55-bed wet cell pod.

For inmates, which fall under classification and disciplinary purposes, there is a single 56-bed pod with plumbing facilities. It also has a single 55-bed with plumbing, for inmate worker, high security, and disciplinary housing.

For the youth offenders, there is a 108-bed unit, which covers 34,830 square feet. It comes with vocational training building, which possesses a masonry workshop, carpentry workshop, multi-purpose room, and two general classrooms.

It also has a greenhouse building, with plant benches, plant propagation area, and Evaporative cooling and irrigation system.

Mecklenburg County Jail Central Charlotte NC

Mecklenburg County Jail Inmate programs

Mecklenburg County Jail comes with numerous programs for inmates, which provide them with essential education and skills. As a result, they get the opportunity to lead a normal life in the future, once they serve their sentences.

Under cognitive, educational classes, both jails offer the following programs:

  • Anger management
  • Bridges out of poverty
  • Courage to change
  • Fatherhood/parenting
  • Life skills
  • STD education
  • Substance abuse education
  • Wrap (Wellness Recovery Action Plan)

Vocational skills training gives inmates access to these programs:

  • Auto Detail
  • Basic Auto
  • Care 3
  • Horticulture Program
  • In2work ServSafe Program
  • Library Assistant Vocational Training Class

There is a treatment program, where the jail takes care of inmates who are dealing with substance abuse. The program consists of primary care, relapse prevention, and aftercare, designed to take care of all participants.

It also provides Adult Female Programs, Spanish Speaking Classes, Prison Bound Programs, and Educational Classes.

Mecklenburg County Jail Inmate Lookup

Mecklenburg County Jail Inmate Lookup

You can contact and visit inmates in Mecklenburg County jail at the appropriate times, and in the methods authorized for the facility. If you need to contact or visit an inmate in Mecklenburg County Jail, you can perform a Mecklenburg County jail inmate lookup to make sure they are held in this facility. To perform an easy online Mecklenburg County jail inmate lookup, you can use the MCSO home search directory; to perform the search, you need to enter the inmate's last name, first name, PID, JID, and prisoner type. Once these parameters are entered into the search engine, you will be able to find out if the inmate you are looking for is held at Mecklenburg County jail.

Another way to perform a Mecklenburg County jail inmate lookup is by using GoLookUp's background check service. Unlike a free background check, where you cannot get full information about people, GoLookUp's search engine scans millions of public records to provide you with the most accurate results. Once you enter the first name and last name of the inmate you are searching for, the search will immediately begin; at the end of the Mecklenburg County jail inmate lookup, you will receive an online report that details the inmate's public records data; criminal records, arrest records, booking information, current incarceration information, sex crimes, and much more.  

Inmate information

According to the statistics for Mecklenburg County Jail, there are at least 1,500 inmates. The jail also provides an inmate handbook, which acts as the guidelines for the prisoners.

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