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Montana Inmate Search: Learn how to Lookup Inmates and Public Records in the State of Montana!

With a little over 1 million residents, Montana is one of the smallest states in the US, ranked number 44 in population size. The number of inmates in Montana is approximately 5,700 as of 2018. The number of inmates in Montana state prisons is 3,700, the number of inmates in Montana federal prisons is 1,000, the number of inmates in Montana local jails is 750, the number of inmates in Montana youth correctional facilities is 140, and the number of inmates in Montana Indian country facilities is 130.

You can locate an inmate in Montana in a few different ways instead of searching each facility in the state. A montana inmate search can be conducted with the state’s search service, free inmate search websites or by using GoLookUp’s inmate search directory.

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Montana Crime in Numbers

The annual average number of crimes in Montana is 31,816 at a rate of 3,052 crimes per every 100,000 residents. The annual average number of property crimes in Montana is 27,976 at a rate of 2,683 crimes per every 100,000 residents. The annual average number of violent crimes in Montana is 3,840 at a rate of 368 crimes per every 100,000 residents.

While the state of Montana is small compared to other states in the US, the chances of falling victim to a crime are relatively high at 1 in 271. The most common crime in Montana is assault (2,960 reported incidents a year), followed by rape (578 reported incidents a year), robbery (266 reported incidents a year), and murder (36 reported incidents a year).

Searching for Inmates in Montana

If you need to locate the whereabouts of an inmate in Montana, you can run a search with the state’s Montana Department of Corrections, Correctional Offender Network Search. The search is based on an inmate’s Department of Corrections I.D. number or their full name.

You can also run a query with a free inmate search website that can provide you with data about inmates in Montana. The free police search websites do not always have the ability to provide users with the information they need. The lack of finances makes free inmate search website unable to access all the public records in Montana. No financial means also makes free police search websites unable to give their users a protection service as well as a customer support service.

There is also a second kind of free public records websites that give users access to inmate records, but at a price. The so-called free inmate search websites grant limited access to public records, so users have to pay to get more information.

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An Accurate Inmate Search in Montana

Conducting an inmate search with GoLookUp will provide you with the most accurate results about the person you are searching for. To run a public records search, you will be required to enter the name of the person you have questions about into GoLookUp’s inmate search query. The search engine will scan all the records available under that name and give you results in a matter of minutes.

The search query provides users with valuable information about any inmate in Montana or other states in the US. The report will include any police report that became a public records, so you can have extensive information about the person in question. Aside from inmate locations, you will be able to access mugshots, convictions, arrest records, criminal records, and much more information thanks to the professional background check.

GoLookUp’s advanced customer support service and protections services, you can get the best background check service about any inmate you need to find.

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You can search for Unclaimed Money in the State of Montana

You can search for background checks in the State of Montana

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