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Muskegon County Jail Inmate Data

Muskegon County Jail is in Muskegon, a city which is in Muskegon County. The mission of the To create a safe living environment for the citizens of Muskegon County, while providing a caring and supportive environment for our employees. To reduce the incidence of crime while promoting a safe and secure environment for all.

Overview of the Michigan County Jail

The Correctional Facilities Administration is held responsible for the operation of the state's prisons. A diverse population of offenders is supervised under a secure network. The prisons are divided into different security levels. Secure Level I facility will house prisoners who are easier to manage within the network, whether they commit a violent crime or no. Level V prisons will house prisoners who create maximum management problems, are a maximum security risk, or both.

Inmate services in Michigan County Jail
Incarcerated under the jurisdiction of Michigan, inmates  are provided with an array of inmate services.

Muskegon County Jail
Health care

Muksegon Count Jail contracts medical services through Correct Care Solutions.

An international leader in public healthcare. Eleven thousand professionals are employed under CSS. They work in 38 states across the U.S. and Australia. By providing medical and behavioural health services for nearly 250,000 patients located in state hospitals, forensic treatment, and civil commitment centers, as well as local, state and federal correctional facilities. If you have any questions or concerns about the medical care of a family member or loved one, who is an inmate, contact the medical department at 231-724-6594.

Programs for inmates at Muskegon County Jail

The Muskegon County Jail offers a variety of counselling and educational classes and programs to its inmates. The levels are available to most inmates.

1. G.E.D. - An education diploma to testify that an inmate has met the high-school level academic skills. It helps the inmates secure a job and gives them an opportunity or chance to go to college after.
2. Thinking Matters - A lively seminar that questions inmates and gives them a chance to think and come up with scientific, literary or social interpretations. It’s a great way to discover collaborative ways to deal with problem-solving.
3. Read Muskegon - It is a customizable program that is breaking the generational cycle of illiteracy. The programs meet the unique and individual needs of the inmates.

Muskegon County Jail Inmate
4. Alcoholics Anonymous - It is an International fellowship of alcoholics, who come together to talk about their drinking problem. The primary purpose of Alcoholics Anonymous is to carry out the message of recovery to people who are trying to quit.
5. Co-Occurring Group - It is group therapy and treatment for individuals with co-occurring disorders.
6. Life Skills - They provide living skills, social skills, and career/occupation guidance to inmates to improve and encourage an independent and productive life.
7. Seeking Safety - Primarily focused on people who have suffered through trauma or substance abuse. It is a kind of therapy that helps in making the inmates feel safe with coping skills.
8. Yoga Basics - Yoga is known to calm the mind body and soul. Inmates are introduced to the basics of Yoga to center themselves and learn breathing techniques to help them calm down.
Narcotics Anonymous - Focused on recovery and aiding people who were narcotic abusers.
9. Every Women’s Place - Deals with improving and enhancing the lives of women, youth and children. Provides a variety of classes that inmates who are women will benefit from it.
10. Sunday Church Service - Helps with the holistic development and increases their spirituality level.

Contact information
You can contact the Michigan County Jail on 231-724-6351 or write to them on  990 Terrace Street, 6th Floor, Muskegon, MI 49442.

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