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The state of Ohio has roughly 11.66 million residents, and 79,000 are locked up behind bars. Out of the total number on inmates in Ohio, 52,000 are held in state prisons, 20,000 are in local jails, 4,400 are inside federal prisons, and 2,300 are held in youth correctional facilities.

Since 1978, the prison and jail population in Ohio has almost doubled, causing the incarceration rate to steadily rise. As of 2014, the incarceration rate in Ohio reached 237.7 inmates per every 100,000 residents. This rate is below the national average, but despite a relatively low incarceration rate, the number of Ohio inmates in state prisons is high.

Conducting an Ohio inmate search can pe performed in any number of ways, some are better than others. If you are searching for the location of an inmate, you can use the state's inmate search engines. If you need more information than just the location of an inmate, you need an inmate search engine – like GoLookUp.

Ohio Crime in Numbers

The annual average of property crimes in Ohio is 299,357, and violent crimes reach an average of 34,877 crimes per year. The property crime rate in Ohio is high, with 2,577 property crimes committed per every 100,000. The violent crime rate in Ohio is 300 crimes per every 100,000 residents. The most common crime in Ohio is theft, with a reported 12,212 cases of theft per year. Assaults come in second on Ohio's most common crimes with approximately 4,789 reported assaults per year.

Ohio inmate search

Searching for Inmates in Ohio

If you want to perform an Ohio inmate search, you can use two of the following methods:

  1. Searching for Inmates in Colorado – the directory allows you to search for Ohio inmates by providing their first name and last name. If you are certain that the inmate you are searching for is held in Ohio, you can use the state directory to help you find them based on their name. However, if you aren't positive that a certain inmate is in Ohio, and the search in the state's directory comes up empty, you can use the second Ohio inmate search option.
  2. Free inmate search – a free Ohio inmate search can help you find inmates in the Ohio correctional system, but you may encounter several problems when using such a service. First of all, you need to be aware of the fact that there are two kinds of free inmate search engines in Ohio – those that are truly free of charge, and those who are only free for advertising purposes.

The first kind of free inmate search websites can indeed provide you with information about the location of a certain inmate, but the data is very limited. These kinds of websites do not have full access to public records and criminal records due to a lack of financial resources.

Another problem with free inmate search websites is that they cannot afford to have a customer service and a data protection service. That means that whenever you conduct an Ohio inmate search, your personal information and search will be exposed to potential hackers. The second kind of free inmate search engines advertise themselves as free of charge, but you should take the "free" part with a grain of salt. These kinds of websites provide users with very scarce information about a certain inmate, and ask for money for full data.

So, how can you be certain that you receive full information about a certain inmate? By using GoLookUp's quick, accurate, and reliable inmate search engine that will provide you with all the information that you need.

An Accurate Inmate Search in Ohio

An Ohio inmate search with GoLookUp will provide you with accurate information not only about the whereabouts of a certain inmate, but also about their complete criminal history. How is the search conducted? Easily; all you have to do to get the desirable information is type in the name of the inmate in GoLookUp's inmate search engine.

The system than scans Ohio public records, as well as national public records, to find the inmate in question. The search only lasts a few moments, so you can have the data that you need quickly and easily.

How can you be certain you found the right inmate? Aside from the location of a certain inmate, you also receive a report of their criminal history, include their mugshot. This is very important in cases where two or more inmates have the same name, and you have to tell them apart using a photo.

The Ohio inmate search on GoLookUp will also give you a full look into the inmate's criminal past with information such as arrest records, sexual offenses, criminal records, and much more.

GoLookUp is also 100% confidential and secure, so you can be positive that no one can view your personal information, or see what you are searching. The site's customer service is available for users all hours of the day, seven days a week, to provide you with a professional and full inmate search service of the best kind.

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