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Polk County Jail Inmates and Information

Polk County jail is located in Polk County, Des Moines, Iowa. The jail houses inmates as well as detainees who are facing charges under state and federal laws. The County jail works under the Sheriff’s office. Sheriff  Bill McCarthy is overall in charge of the jail. The detention center is headed by Chief Joseph Simon, a graduate of the FBI National academy.  

The different facilities in detail

The Polk county jail opened its facilities on November 1st, 2008. The jail has a 325,000 square feet facility in 40 acres of land in a location to the north of Des Moines. There are 1,500 beds in the jail and it is the biggest facility in the entire state of Iowa. There is a provision to add another 1,000 beds to the jail.

The jail is directly supervised by officials. It has a full-time kitchen, laundry, and a medical facility. The Prison health services department manage the medical facilities at the jail. The Administration Division in the Sheriff’s office provides various management and support services to the jail.

Polk County Jail Inmates

Inmate programs available

Bridges of Iowa is a non-profit group that conducts a substance abuse treatment program. The Poly County jail has permitted Bridge of Iowa to make use of the unoccupied space in the jail complex to conduct their treatment program. The program has been successful and has produced positive results in treating cases of substance abuse. Awareness and education of substance abuse are also conducted at the jail for inmates.

The Polk County jail has a number of programs and classes for inmates. Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous conduct weekly meetings for those inmates who want to give up their addiction to alcohol and narcotic substances.


The jail offers a parenting program in association with Lutheran Service, Iowa. The GED programs are facilitated by the MECCA services. A health education program is conducted in the jail for inmates to create awareness about health issues and prevention, this is done in conjunction with the Polk County health department.

Strong Body, Proud Lives is a planned parenthood program conducted in jail. This is done in association with Planned Parenthood of Greater Iowa.

The following programs are conducted for inmates, in association with the Des Moines Area Community college:

  1. GED program (the jail is an authorized test center)
  2. English as a second language
  3. General life skills
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The substance abuse education program is conducted by Prison health services. Inmates are also encouraged to start their own business once they come out of jail. A local entrepreneur conducts a small business training program for the inmates.

The Chaplain’s office offers religious counseling and studies at the jail. Inmate pastoral visits are also provided.

On release, inmates are given assistance by the jail that includes a clothing closet in the jail premises and a bus token program. A handbook is given to all inmates explain the Inmate release program.

Polk County Jail inmates

At present, there are 1,015 in-facility inmates in Polk County jail. Of these, 862 are males and 153 are females. There are also 41 boarded-out inmates, of which 35 are adult males and 6 are juvenile males. 13 of the jail inmates are out on medicals or evaluation and 13 inmates are in alternative programs. The total count of the jail is 1,082. A total of 197 of the total inmates are federal inmates.

The Polk County jail can be contacted by writing to them at their contact address to the Polk County Sherriff, 1985 NE 51st Place, Des Moines, Iowa 50313. The contact number of the jail is (515) 323-5400 and the administration contact number is (515) 323-5473.

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