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The Putnam County manages all the incarcerated inmates through its Department of Corrections which is a branch of the sheriff’s department. This involves managing and accounting for the movement and activities of around 300 to 350 inmates on an average. The various deputies employed in the department are tasked with managing meals and medication for the inmates, recreation and establishing clear visitation guidelines, inspection of the inmates and housing areas, maintenance of proper sanitation, resolving security breaches, processing of inmates and management of court documents.

Located in Greencastle, Indiana, the Putnam County Jail was originally constructed in 1836 when three individuals, Isaac Mahan, Wesley White, and Hudson Brackney were tasked with the creation of a new jail. The detention facilities were subsequently completed in 1840 and lasted until the late 1930s. A new jail was later built in its place under the supervision of the former superintendent of the Alcatraz Prison. This new facility was completed by 1939 and had similar locking mechanisms to the Alcatraz Prison. This facility lasted until the 1990s when under the mounting pressure of over-crowding new jails had to be built. In 1995 a new 5.6 million dollar jail was erected to manage the growing inmate population.

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Community Programs for Inmates in Putnam County Jail

There are various community activities and rehabilitation programs available at the Putnam County Jail that are aimed at reducing recidivism and enhancing the quality of their lives and skill set. There are religious services, volunteer programs, mental health counseling, life skills coaching and adult education classes among others.

Inmates who can cultivate the necessary skills can then opt for inmate duties which are working squads which operate under the supervision of correctional deputies. One of the major services provided is the G.E.D. The program enables the inmates to obtain their high-school diplomas. Thinking for a Change is another such program which is operated by Community Corrections and trains the inmates in making better decisions and choices. These programs also allow inmates to lead a better life once their custody is finished.

The Correction Response Team (CRT) in Putnam County Jail

CRT is a special operations division of the Department of Corrections and Judicial Services. The team is comprised of highly trained professionals who manage the transportation of high-risk prisoners and conduct special security operations during extreme cases of unrest within the correctional facility. During mass arrest cases, the Correction Response Team works with other law enforcement agencies to provide support and contain problematic situations.

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The Judicial Services Section in Putnam County Jail

The Judicial Services Section consists of some deputy sheriffs who work as bailiffs. To efficiently manage all the judicial activities and procedures within the county, the Judicial Services Sector provides security to all the courthouses within Putnam County and also ensures the safety of judges, members of the judiciary system and any citizen involved with the court. The Judicial Services Section is also responsible for the safe transportation of all the inmates traveling between the detention center and the courthouses.

The Putnam County Jail also works in conjunction with the Department of Corrections whenever there is an issue of overcrowding. While the number keeps changing, on an average, there are 80 DOC inmates in the jail. The Putnam County Jail is paid $35 every day, per inmate, for maintaining their inmates.

The Putnam County Sheriff's Office is also famous for the numerous drug busts that it carries out throughout the region. They have been especially successful in their crackdown of Marijuana and methamphetamines. Their drug busts were successful even when the drugs market and operations shifted from urban environments to rural areas to escape detection.

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Putnam County Jail Inmate Search

To get in touch with someone who is currently held in Putnam County Jail, you need first to find out if they are held in this facility or another place. To help people search for Putnam County Jail Florida mugshots and Putnam County Jail inmates, the local Sheriff has set up an online inmate roster. The Putnam County Jail roster includes the names of the people currently held in the facility, their mugshots, and the crimes they are charged with. The mugshots on the site make it easier to find a person, so you can search for inmates by looking for their names and mugshots.

Another way to find inmates in Putnam County Jail or other facilities in Florida is by using GoLookUp's online inmate search directory. The directory is name-based, so you will be able to track down inmates based on their name. Once you enter the name of a person into GoLookUp's inmate search webpage, the search engine on the site will begin to scan public records registered to the name of the person you are searching. At the end of the search, you will get a detailed account of the person's criminal past, including their Putnam County Jail Florida mugshots, their booking data, the crimes they committed, and more.

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