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Tarrant County Jail Overview and Information

The Tarrant County Jail is headed by Sheriff Bill E. Waybourn. He is the pillar that upholds the mission statement of the Sheriff’s Office in Tarrant County Texas. Their mission is to protect the public by courageously standing between evil and good with honor. They also do their best to serve their community with respect and put other people before themselves.

The core values of the Tarrant Sheriff’s Office can be summarized with the word HELOS.

  • H stands for honorable character. It refers to doing what is right even when no one is watching you.
  • E stands for empowerment. It refers to everything beginning with mutual respect and trust.
  • L stands for the lead. It refers to leading and serving with consistency, competence, and transparency.
  • O stands for the team. The team is their main concern.
  • S stands for striving for excellence. It refers to them doing their best to strive for excellence, honor, and integrity in all that the team does.

The rules and procedures followed by the Tarrant County Jail are set by the Texas Commission on Jail Standards. They established minimum standards that must be followed for the construction, maintenance, and operation of county jails. The Tarrant County Jail or as it is also known, the Tarrant County Detention Bureau has passed the certification set by the Texas Commission on Jail Standards every year since 1995.

Tarrant County Jail

The Tarrant County Jail has a staff of a little more than 1,000 men and women. Each of these men and women is certified as detention officers or peace officers by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement. The Tarrant County Jail has a maximum capacity of 5,000 prisoners. It is comprised of five facilities.

The Tarrant County Jail Industries is supervised by one officer and is made up of 15 to 18 female volunteer inmate trustees who are working to learn a profession in the sewing industry. Items such as inmate mattresses, mattress covers, and inmate clothing are produced in the Tarrant County Jail Industries. The facility saves taxpayers money by manufacturing all of the items in-house. It is also able to repair uniforms and bedding items much more quickly than if the process had been outsourced.


Inmates also have the opportunity to get an education while they are in custody. There are courses offered in the General Education Development field with English as a second language. All of the facilities in the jail give inmates access to counseling services as well as medical and psychological services. Inmates can also use the law library to prepare their legal documents. They are also given access to the recreational library.

Approximately 35,000 inmates are booked in each year by the Detention Bureau. Approximately 10,250 hot meals are prepared each day by the kitchen which is located in the Los Evans Corrections Center. This center makes food for all five jail facilities. There is a registered dietician who carefully plans each days menu to ensure that each inmate receives a balanced diet. There are also special meals prepared for inmates with medical, dietary or religious needs.

Tarrant County Jail Inmate Search

Contact information

You can contact the county telephone operator by dialing 817-884-1111. You can contact them by email by emailing Office hours for Tarrant County’s web department are Monday to Friday, 8 am to 5 pm Central Time.

You can mail inmates by addressing letters to the following.

C/O Tarrant County Jail

100N. Lamar

Fort Worth, Texas 76196


Letters mailed to inmates cannot be larger than 12" by 16". Contraband items will be sent back to the sender. The jail is only responsible for mail which is delivered by the U.S. Postal Service.

Tarrant County Jail Lookup

Tarrant County Jail Lookup – How to Find a Tarrant County Jail Inmate?

To help people search for inmates who are currently held at Tarrant County jail, the local Sheriff's office operates a Tarrant County inmate lookup directory. If you are searching for a person who is currently held in the facility, or you want to find out if someone has been arrested, you can use the online directory. To use the Clayton County jail lookup directory, enter the name of the inmate you are searching into the search bar. The directory will then provide you with data about the person in question, including whether they are incarcerated at Tarrant County jail.

An additional Clayton County jail inmate lookup method is an online search directory available to you on GoLookUp. To find the inmate you are searching, you will need to enter their name into the site's inmate search directory. The Tarrant County jail lookup will begin immediately, and among other things, you will receive information about the person arrest records and booking data. The information available on GoLookUp derives from public records, so you can be certain it is accurate and reliable.

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