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Tulsa County Jail Inmates Information and Overview

The David L.Moss Criminal Justice Center, better known as the Tulsa Jail, had an initial capacity of 1714 beds. In 2017, new pods were added which hiked up the capacity by 266 beds. Mental Health pods can contain up to 106 beds, and the new dorm pods can accommodate a maximum of 160 beds.


Inmates at Tulsa Jail are allowed to attend church services and educational classes. The DLMCJC has a Programs and Education Unit which encourages inmates to learn new skill sets and improve existing ones by offering a variety of programs and classes. It is done with the objective of reducing recidivism. Every year, about 20-30 people graduate with GED and are awarded a Certificate of Completion.
The jail lobby opens at 8 am every day and closes at 7 pm.
The jail complex is located at 300 N. Denver Avenue. Tulsa, OK 74103.


The David L. Moss Criminal Justice Center opened with a capacity for 1714 beds but this number increased with the addition of new pods in 2017.

Tulsa County Jail

Current Information

An inmate’s property is released from the Property Room on signing an Inmate Property Release Authorization form. The hours are 8am-5pm, Monday through Friday.
Money can be sent to an inmate in his/her trust fund account. Deposits can come via mail or be made using on-site kiosks. These kiosks are located in the jail lobby where you can use cash, credit or debit card to deposit money from 8am-7pm. You can also use this facility via phone by dialing 877-618-3516 and using Site ID# 24038. If you wish to pay online, visit or and use the same Site ID#.
Number of Inmates

There are currently approximately 1380 inmates serving their sentence in Tulsa County Jail.
Contact Information
You can contact David L. Moss Criminal Justice Center at 300 N. Denver Avenue. Tulsa, OK 74103. You can also call in at 918-596-8900.

Tulsa Jail also offers an online visitation system where inmates can converse with their near and dear ones via video. Anyone with internet access is allowed to visit the facility within the scheduled time for visitation virtually. Your family or friends may be living in any part of the country, but you will still be able to interact with them this way.

Only relatives are approved for on-site visitation after they’ve been able to furnish their identity proof which states their relation with the inmate.

You can search for an inmate using the Tulsa Jail’s online database. You can also avail information on recently released and current inmates. There is an option to register any sexual offense that you may have faced within the premises. 

Tulsa County Jail Inmates

People in Charge of the Jail

The Tulsa County Jail is headed by Sheriff Vic Regalado. His office employs over 500 people. He started his career as a police officer in the Tulsa Police Department. He was elected as the Sheriff in 2016.
George W. Brown, the Undersheriff oversees internal affairs and special events. Originally, a military person, he came to join the highway patrol and then worked a myriad law enforcement jobs before finally being elected the Undersheriff at Tulsa Sheriff’s Office.

Both Sheriff and Undersheriff have a lot of accolades to their name.

Overall, the David L. Moss Criminal Justice Center or Tulsa Jail is an accommodative space for miscreants and legal offenders of Tulsa. It provides correctional services in the form of church services and classes. You can choose to come down and pay your inmate a visit or secure an online visitation. Money kiosks in the jail lobby make money transfers to inmates easier.
Tulsa County Inmate Search
Tulsa County Inmate Search

Contacting Tulsa County inmates can be made after the inmate in question is located. If you want to perform a Tulsa County inmate search to verify a particular inmate is held in the facility, use one of the following directories available to you online:

1. Tulsa County inmate information center – to perform a Tulsa County inmate search with this directory, you need to provide their first name and last name (make sure you spell the name correctly). After you enter the name, the directory will provide you with information about the inmate in question.

2. GoLookUp inmate search directory – another name-based directory is available to you on GoLookUp. Similarly, to the Tulsa inmate locator, you need to enter the first name and last name of the inmate you are searching. Once you do, the directory on GoLookUp will perform an in-depth Tulsa County inmate search to find the inmate you are searching. The data on the inmate will be provided to you in a report that includes the booking information and criminal records of the inmate. With the help of the report, you will be able to view the arrest records of the inmate, their mugshots, and whether or not they are held in Tulsa County.

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