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What is Prison Search and How to Perform a Prison Inmate Search

As of 2018, there are more than 2.3 million inmates in the United States that are locked up in different facilities in all 50 states. The inmates are located in state prisons, federal prisons, local jails, and several other facilities until they serve their sentence in full.

Many inmates who get processed into the justice system are moved from one place to another, and they can be difficult to locate. Searching for an inmate who has been moved, or one that has stayed in his/her original facility can be difficult once they are in the system. That is why a prison search is offered to people who wish to find inmates in one of the facilities in America.

A prison search, or an inmate search, is a search that allows you to search and find an inmate in the United States, and also view their criminal records.

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Crime and Incarceration Statistics in the United States

The incarceration rate in the United States is 860 inmates per every 100,000 residents. This rate is relatively low compared to previous decades but is still considered high compared to other states.

The most common crimes in the US are violent crimes, and there are currently 718,000 inmates in the country that were arrested on violent charges.


The second most common kind of crime in the US is property crime, and as of today, there are 237,000 men and women behind bars on property crime charges. The following common crimes are drug-related crimes (200,000) inmates, and public order disturbances (152,000 inmates).

In total, there are 1,316,000 inmates who have been found guilty of committing crimes and got locked behind bars. Inmates who have yet to be found guilty are found in local jails (615,000 inmates on average), and 225,000 are currently held in federal prisons and federal jails.

In addition to the adult inmate population in the US, there are also 48,000 inmates under the age of 18, who are held in youth correctional facilities.

How to Run an Inmate Search in America

Youth inmate records are concealed, and if you need to view them, you will need to file for special permission to view such records. To view inmate records in each state, you can address the local prisons and jails to find the person you are looking for. To make the process easier, the local authorities in the United States offer an online inmate search service. Using a local prison search service requires you to provide the first name and last name of the inmate in question. To make the search more focused, you can also provide the DOC (Department of Corrections) number of the person you are trying to locate. The local online prison search engines will scan public records to find information about the inmate in question and their whereabouts.

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Free Inmate Search

In addition to the prison search and inmate search services provided by local authorities, you can also use a free inmate search website that can provide you with the information you need. To conduct such a search, you will need to enter the first name and last name of the inmate you are searching for, and the website will track them down for you.

However, you are unlikely to find an inmate with a free inmate search website. Why? Because free inmate search websites do not have access to all public records. The fact that these kinds of websites do not charge their users for any fees means that they do not have the financial means to provide the information you desire.


Another problem with free prison search websites is that they do not provide users with protection of their personal data. Combined with the fact that free inmate search sites lack a customer support service means that you will likely not find the person you are searching for.  

You will also encounter a second kind of free inmate search websites that are not truly free. These websites provide users with basic information and require them to pay for additional information, such as the location of the inmate in question. That is why the best way to perform a prison search is by using a website that can provide you with all the data you need – GoLookUp.

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Inmate Search on GoLookUp

GoLookUp is a public records website that provides users with numerous services, including an inmate search service. To locate a certain inmate in the United States, all you have to do is enter their name into GoLookUp's inmate search service query. The website will then scan all the public records that are connected to that name, and give you a detailed report on the person you have questions about.

The report includes several valuable details about the inmate in question that can help you find their location and information about their past:

  • Arrest records (including name, offense, the jail that processed the arrest)
  • Criminal record
  • Mugshots (help distinguish between two inmates with the same name)
  • Charges

The data on GoLookUp's reports are gathered within a few moments, and it derives from public records that were recorded by official authorities. That is why you can be certain that all the data on the prison search reports are 100% accurate and reliable.


In addition to the professional inmate search service provided by GoLookUp, you can also use the website's 24/7 customer support service. In case you have questions regarding a certain service on GoLookUp, you can get assistance at any time you desire.

GoLookUp also makes certain that all the personal data of users is protected; the website uses an advanced protection system that protects users' data, so you can use the services provided by GoLookUp and know that your search history and information are safe.

In case you do not find the information, you need in one search, you can run as many queries as you desire thanks to GoLookUp's unlimited search service. That way you can locate the inmate you are searching for and get all the data you desire in one professional website.

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