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Winnebago County Jail Overview, Population, Inmates, Arrests, and Information

Winnebago County Jail is located on 650 W. State Street in Rockford, Illinois – 61102. The Old Winnebago County Jail opened in 1976 with 394 beds. The New Winnebago County Jail or Winnebago Justice Centre was set up in 2003 after a federal lawsuit was filed for overcrowding in the jail.

Winnebago County Jail Overview

The New Winnebago County Jail is quite poorly constructed. Winnebago is trying to cut its cost wherever possible. The food provided to the inmates is limited in amount and lacks nutritional value. Commissary is delivered on Friday if you’ve signed up the day before. Women’s cells house two inmates per cell. Men’s cells are more crowded at three inmates per cell. Often phone service is not made available to the inmates. Overall the new jail is much less crowded than the old one and also a lot more sanitary.

Winnebago County Jail Inmate Population

The inmate population of Winnebago County Jail has risen to 927, as last recorded on July 30th. Limited staffing in the jail has led to this problem of overpopulation. The Winnebago County Jail is going through an economic crisis and has been wanting to shift some of its burden to the jail inmates but has failed to do so so far. It has proposed alternatives to jail monitoring such as GPS devices.

Winnebago County Jail
Winnebago County Jail Medical Services

Providing aspirin, simple medication, week vitamins and pulling out teeth are all the healthcare services the Winnebago County Jail provides. As a result, more and more health complaints have been getting reported. Winnebago County Jail is also trying to establish contact with inmates and public resources to manage the cost of treatment.

Winnebago County Jail Visitation

Visitors can visit once a week. The inmates must inform the authorities of this visit beforehand. Inmates of general population get to enjoy 30-minute breaks where those in segregation were allowed 15 minutes. All personal visits will be conducted via video in the video visitation room of the Winnebago County Justice Center. If visitors fail to report 15 minutes before their scheduled visitation time, their visitation will be canceled.

 Attorneys and clergies can visit the inmate too but during certain hours in the private visitation booth. Visitors must not forget to bring their valid photo IDs. Visit week starts on Saturday and ends on Sunday. The time for visitation is 7-9pm Monday-Friday and Saturday-Sunday from 8-9am and 1-3pm. Everyone coming for visitation at the jail will be subject to a search.

Winnebago County Jail Additional Information

A commissary system is provided to detainees to purchase items that are not otherwise supplied by the jail. It is managed by Trinity Services Group. Relatives of inmates can deposit cash into their accounts by telephone/internet.

You can mail the inmate at (Inmate Name), Winnebago County Jail, 650 W. State Street. Rockford, IL 61102. However, inmate mail is not delivered on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays.

Winnebago County Jail Inmate
Winnebago County Jail Contact Information

You can reach the Winnebago County Jail at the following numbers –

  • Main Number – 8153196600
  • Booking – 8153196602
  • Bond Out – 8153196614
  • Jail Chaplain – 8153196625 (8.30am-4.00pm)

Winnebago County Inmate Search

Searching for a Winnebago county inmate is easy thanks to two online search directories available to you whenever you need. The first one is a Winnebago County Sheriff's office and the second one is GoLookUp's inmate search engine:

1. Winnebago County Sheriff's search – the Winnebago County Sheriff's office offers an inmate search directory available at all hours of the day. To find a Winnebago County inmate, you will need to enter their last name into the search bar in the directory. You can also perform a search by choosing the first letter of the last name of the person in question.

2. GoLookUp inmate search – to find Winnebago County inmate, you will need to get access to Illinois public records. The online inmate search requires you to enter the last name and the first name of the inmate you want to find. Upon the entry, the search directory will begin scanning public records and provide you with a report about the inmate you searched. The data on the report includes criminal records, such as booking information, so you will be able to find out if the person you searched in a Winnebago inmate. Once you have the information you need, you will be able to contact the inmate you searched in one of the methods available by the facility.


Local media continually focuses on the Winnebago County Jail for jail correctional officer’s pay and staffing issues but neglects to highlight inmate conditions. The Winnebago County Jail was built to house criminal offenders in the County of Winnebago, but it has faced issues with understaffing and overcrowding of inmates ever since its inception. The New Winnebago County Jail which opened in 2007 has helped conditions a little, but the jail continues to struggle with a teeming inmate population and not enough correctional staff to handle them. Hopefully, this article provided you with an overview of existing conditions in Winnebago County Jail.

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