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Instagram Addiction Signs You Should Know About

by Garry S.

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Signs of Instagram Addiction

This is one addiction that is for good. There are many people who are choosing the Insta life. Many of us have a general inclination towards social media, but when it comes to Instagram, nothing short of addiction can describe our behavior.

Here is a list of 12 things that all Instagram addicts do.

1. Checking the feeds every 5 mins – Not only posting on Instagram but checking the feeds for likes is not just a thing you do in your spare time. You find the time, yes, every 5 minutes to see how many likes you get.

2. #Foodporn – You used to be a foodie, now you are into #food porn! No matter what food you order, you sometimes may not even like it or eat it at all, but you sure do post it on your Instagram account.

3. The art of selfie – Everyone may take selfies, but only fellow artists like yourself understand the importance of uploading a selfie on Instagram. The selfie needs to capture the essence of you along with doing justice to your looks.


4. Need to capture – Ever had a moment when you felt like you had to capture the view or sight and of course share it on Instagram? Well, that is the Insta addict speaking up. You, thus have a strong urge to share everything that you deem worthy on Instagram.

5. Post at the right time – You purposefully search for or enquire into when your followers are most active and post accordingly. For the first thing in the morning, you love to check for push notifications on your phone for Instagram likes.

6. All about the filters – Nobody knows which filter to use best for which photo. You even judge people who use filters like the Kelvin filter. You carefully evaluate all the filter options and sometimes get daunted by the task.

7. Not enough likes – Getting at least that magical 11 likes are a must. You set an expectation for each photo. Nothing short of it can stop you from getting disappointed or deleting a photo with not enough likes.

8. Importance of hashtag – You very well realize the power the hashtags hold. You never overdo it; rather you judge people who use too many hashtags. You are sure to use some most appropriate hashtags for all your posts.

Instagram Addiction Signs

9. A breakdown – When Instagram is down, you suffer from nothing short of a nervous breakdown. You just might feel too overwhelmed when Instagram fails you. The upload failure gives you nothing less than nightmares.

10. Share your world – All those you follow and who follow you back, you seem to have a connection. You believe you are more similar even though possibly you don’t know each other outside the world of Instagram.

11. Cutting – Even though you may appear to be taking photos or selfies all the time, but surely not all of them can make it to your Insta. You carefully analyze the merits of each photo, resort to the most appropriate filters and only after approval from your bestie, the photo gets posted on Insta.

12. A matter of loyalty – It is not that you seek likes, but you are a true loyalist. You will always like back photos of your followers. You believe that mutual appreciation makes the Insta world a much more happening place.

13. You plan your thing especially – you make certain plans that will lead to great Instagram photos just so you can post photos

Instagram Addiction

14. You direct your reality – you keep taking fake candid photos to look your best, and you also direct each photo several times to get the best "candid" results

15. You have a finsta – you have a fake Instagram account so you can stock other people's accounts, and maybe add a few likes or comments to your real account

16. You get a rush when posting photos – you get a rush whenever you upload new photos and start getting likes for them

17. You delete photos that have a small number of likes – after time has passed, and you don't get the number of likes you were expecting, you will delete the unpopular photo

Instagram is like a window that gives you an opportunity to share how you perceive the world. The beauty of it or rather the whole of it. You feel empowered by Instagram as it gives you this ability to share your perception of everything that you see and feel with the rest of the world


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