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Iowa Employment Law Explained in Full

by Eddie V.

Iowa Employment Law, Iowa Employment Laws

Iowa Employment Laws: What are the Employment Laws in Iowa?

All the states in the United States, have different laws, especially when it comes to employment. When you have to work in Iowa, you need to know the difference. Here is everything you need to know about employment laws in Iowa:

Drug testing in Iowa
According to the state, your employer can ask you to undergo alcohol or drug testing, as part of your employment process. Depending on the results, the company has the right to hire you or refuse to give you a contract.

If the employer decides to hold one for their employees, they must follow the laws of the state. They must provide a written document, stating that this test is mandatory. You should receive written notice from your employer if the result is positive. Also, the personnel conducting the analysis should receive the necessary training.

Fair employment practices
From the Iowa Civil Rights Act (ICRA), employers who have four employees or more cannot discriminate their employees on several characteristics. Disability, color, race, pregnancy, religion, nationality, gender, color, religion, and age are some of the attributes. If you decide to take action against your employer due to ICRA violations, the company cannot retaliate.

The Non-English Speaking Employees Act comes into play when employers have 100 employees or more, out of 10 percent don’t speak English. If they all speak the same language, the company should provide an interpreter, while they work. Also, the employer must hire an individual who will refer employees to the state’s community services.

Iowa Employment Law

Legal holiday in Iowa
When you work in Iowa, it isn’t necessary for your employer to give you a day off or provide overtime compensation during legal holidays. As the federal law doesn’t talk about paying extra during these days, private companies can ask their workers to turn up for work and pay regular wages. The way your company handles legal holidays depends on the terms and conditions present in your employment contract.

Meals and breaks in Iowa
For employees below the age of 16, should receive a meal break for at least 30 minutes, if they work for five hours or more. However, for staff over 16 years of age, federal rules come into the picture.

It isn’t necessary for employers to provide meal breaks to their employees. If they do so, they don’t have to pay, if the duration of the recess is at least 30 minutes. However, the employees should have the freedom to do as they choose, during this period.

On the other hand, if the meal time is less than 20 minutes, companies must pay their staff for this time.

Iowa Employment Laws

Minimum wage in Iowa
As per the latest laws in the state, the minimum wage for employees is $7.25, if the company earns at least $300,000 every year. However, employers will receive a federal minimum wage, as long as their annual earnings are $500,000 and below.

For employees who receive tips over $30 every month, the employer must make it a point to provide $4.35 every hour. If the average doesn’t meet $7.25, the company is responsible for covering the difference. However, new employees in the training period have a minimum wage of $6.35 every hour.

Overtime in Iowa
Like several other states throughout the United States, Iowa doesn’t have any laws for overtime. However, employers must follow the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), which ensures 1 ½ time the wages, for every hour, worked in addition to the 40 hour work week.

Employees who fall under the following classifications such as professional workers, administrative staff, and those with executive roles won’t receive overtime pay.

Severance pay in Iowa
If your employer fires you or you choose to quit, the company must pay you, within the next payday. It isn’t necessary to add accumulated vacation time to this amount unless specified in the employment contract.


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