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iPad Pro 2 Features You Have to Hear About!

by Kelly B.

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iPad Pro 2: What are its Features? We Review!

The iPad Pro 2 with its gorgeous screen, stunning new design, and loads of power are looking like the laptop replacement that everyone has been waiting for.

In general, it is a very well built tablet, but it needs a better operating system to make the most of the power that it contains. Here are a few pros and cons of the device before looking at it in greater detail.

iPad Pro 2 Pros

  • There is no other tablet that has been designed to this standard.
  • It is very powerful and has a decent storage option.
  • Them making the switch to USB-C is a positive one in most cases.
  • Promotion screens should be installed on all devices.

iPad Pro 2 Cons

  • Along with the high price for the device itself, there is an additional high cost of accessories.
  • The software itself is not as sophisticated enough to match the hardware that is offered here.
iPad Pro 2

What is the iPad Pro 2?

This is the 2018 version of the iPad Pro; it is gorgeous and full of potential. It is one of the most powerful tablets that has come into the market for a while. When it comes to design Apple shows that it is still on top of its game regarding industrial design.

The iPad Pro 2 has got a lot of potentials and is no doubt a dominating tablet, but at the moment it is a bit of a hamstrung as the software cannot match up to the hardware that is provided here.

Some of the key features of the iPad Pro are:

  • Options between the 11-inch or 12.9-inch ProMotion display with 120 Hz refresh.
  • It has an Apple A12X Bionic CPU.
  • 4/6GB Ram
  • 64GB/256GB/512GB/1TB storage
  • It comes with Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard Folio Support
  • USB-C
Pro 2 Features

iPad Pro 2 Design

The design template that Apple uses has changed considerably over time. It has become a lot more curvaceous as compared to the previous flat sides and angular design. However, the iPad Pro 2 is a bit of a throwback to the time of the iPhone 5 design. The soft lines and curved edges of the previous iPads have been replaced by a flat back, harsh edges, and curved corners.

The only part of this device that is a little bit off-putting is the scraggly antenna that can be found wound around the sides and the back. This is very prominent on both the LTE/4G as well as the Wi-Fi option. While they may be necessary to ensure proper reception, they are not a pleasant sight to see. The colors provided are space grey and silver that are subtle and classy. As per the recent trend, the iPad Pro also aims to reduce bezel and has pushed the display right to the edge.

iPad Pro 2 Screen

The iPad Pro may just be the best product released yet regarding the display. This is due to the new ProMotion feature that allows the screen to switch refresh rates intellectually. Games look smoother, and the Apple Pencil works more fluidly. Also, Apples True Tone tech adjusts the panels colors according to the surrounding. Apple has also decided to use an LCD screen as opposed to an OLED one for the iPad Pro line.

iPad Pro 2 General Information

The iPad Pro 2 is powered by the A12X Bionic chipset this is why the device is one of the most powerful tablets reviewed. The audio on the iPad Pro 2 is pretty great; the four speakers make up for the device not having a headphone jack. The rear camera here takes inspiration from the iPhone XR. It has a 12-megapixel sensor with a f/1.8 lens and Smart HDR.


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