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Is CheckPeople Legit? Is CheckPeople a Scam? CheckPeople Review!

by Robert C.

Is CheckPeople Legit, Is CheckPeople a Scam, CheckPeople Review!

Is CheckPeople a Scam? We Review!

Searching for information about people has become easier than ever, with social media accounts and search engines providing data in a few keystrokes. However, much of the information found in these sources is not accurate. Why? Because more often than not, people write information about themselves, making the truth very hard to find. However, there are online sources whose sole purpose is to provide accurate and impartial information about people – background check websites. is one of them, and like with similar websites offering people search services, there is a question about its legitimacy. To find out if the website offers the services you need and if they are accurate, read our CheckPeople review. It will answer the question – is CheckPeople legit?

CheckPeople cost

CheckPeople Costs

CheckPeople provides a variety of services that users can try in a 5-day trial period. The CheckPeople costs for the trial are very small - $1. The trial allows users to perform unlimited searches, so they can find out if the services offered by the website are right for them. After the trial, users can continue to a monthly subscription that offers unlimited searches of several types.

The CheckPeople costs for this type of subscription are $44.85/month. You can cancel your subscription at any time, and the fees will be canceled.

How Long has CheckPeople Been Providing Services? Where is CheckPeople Location?

CheckPeople was launched in 2012, and its headquarters are in Orlando, Florida. The website's founders had more than 20 years of experience in the business world, according to, and they wanted to create an easy-to-use service for those who want to conduct quick and professional background checks.

Is CheckPeople Legit

What are the Check People Features?

CheckPeople offers a variety of services. Here is a complete list of the website's features: Address Search, Arrest Records Search, Background Check Yourself, Background Checks, Birth Records Search, County Records Search, Court Records Search, Criminal Records Search, Dark Web Scan, Death Records Search, Divorce Records Search, Email Search Online, Federal Court Records Search, Inmate Search, Judicial Record Search, Landlord Background Check, License Plate Search, Marriage Records Search, Mugshot Search, Online Records Search, Online VIN Number Check, People Search, Police Records Search, Pre-Employment Screening, Property Owner Search, Property Records Search, Public Records Search, Reverse Phone Lookup, Search Driving Records, Tenant Background Check, and Veteran Search.

Aside from these search services, there are four main types of directories on CheckPeople that provide users with public records information:

People search – PeopleCheck offers a people search service that users can use to find information about others. To use the service, you must provide a first name, last name, city, and state of residence. Once you enter this data, you will get a full public records' reports about the person in question, which will include their aliases, contact information, current and former addresses, names of relatives, criminal records, traffic records, sexual offender status, marriage and divorce records, and social media accounts. This service allows you to find out the truth about people in your life and discover if certain individuals are lying to you about their identity and their past.

is checkpeople a scam

Background check – the main purpose of a background check is to scan criminal records and collect information from them. After entering information about a certain person, CheckPeople's system will aggregate criminal records information and compile it into a report. The report will include the said person's criminal history, including his/her arrest records, mugshots, sex offender registration information, court records, and more. The data is available for each state, so users can track down information about people from all over the country and find out if they committed any crimes, and which crimes they were charged for.

Reverse phone number search – each day, people in the United States receive phone calls from anonymous phone numbers. In many cases, phone calls are scam calls that are intended to steal people's money, and sometimes even their identity. By discovering who is calling you from unknown phone numbers, you can avoid those who may be trying to scam you, and that is why CheckPeople operates a reverse phone number search service. Aside from unknown phone numbers, Check People users can also perform a reverse phone number search on phone numbers they are familiar with, like with potential dates, neighbors, colleagues, and more. The search will reveal the callers' identity, so the website's users can find out if someone in their lives is lying to them.

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CheckPeople App

As of today, there is no Check People app for the website's users. To enjoy access to public records, you must subscribe to the website and use it. While there is no CheckPeople app, the mobile version of the website is compatible with mobile devices, so you can perform a background check from wherever you are.

How to Opt-Out of CheckPeople Features?

CheckPeople is one of several websites that provide personal information for members. However, not everyone wants their personal information to be available to others, which is why CheckPeople offers an Opt-Out option. If you want to have your information removed from the CheckPeople database, follow these CheckPeople opt-out steps:

1. Go to the PeopleCheck opt-out page that has an opt-out form.

CheckPeople opt out form

2. Fill out the opt-out form with your personal information - first name, last name, city of residence, and state of residence. Then, click on the ReCaptcha tab and the “Search” tab. You will receive search results of listing with your name on them. You will need to search the listings that contain information about you - there are likely other people who share your name, so search carefully for your listings to make sure you do not remove data about other people. 

3. Select the listing that contains information about you that you want to remove. Then, click on the “Opt-Out” tab next to the listing that you want to have removed. 

4. Type in your email address, click on the “ReCaptcha”, and click on the “Send Confirmation Email” tab. It is recommended to use temporary email services to protect your personal information. 

5. Go to your email inbox where you will receive an email from CheckPeople that you need to confirm. Click on the “Confirm Request” tab to finish the listing removal. 

6. You will be redirected to a new page where you will need to confirm your request and the identity of the person on the listing that you want to be removed. Type in your first name and last name, and then tick reCAPTCHA. Choose between “Myself” or “Someone else”; this will allow CheckPeople to know whose information you are trying to remove from their website. Then click on the “Complete request” link, and that is it - your CheckPeople opt-out request is complete!

How to Opt Out of CheckPeople

Important Notes

Removing your information from CheckPeople will not affect your membership on the website - you will still be able to find data about people, but you will not be able to find information about yourself. 

If you want to make sure your data is no longer available on CheckPeople, search listings registered to your name from time to time. Public records get updated with time, so it is likely that some of your information will pop up occasionally. Also, be careful about your opting out - make sure you are not removing information that does not belong to you. There can be cases where your personal data is wrong, and if that happens, you can contact the authorities that made the errors and ask to correct them.  

Is CheckPeople Legit?

There are many online services that are a scam, especially those who charge people for money. That begs the question is CheckPeople a scam. After reviewing the website and membership plan, the conclusion is yes, CheckPeople is a legitimate people search background check website. Complaints regarding the website are mainly about the automatic move to a membership plan, but there is an "opt-out" option, so after the trial, users can cancel their membership.

Overall, CheckPeople provides a quality people check service that can help you get accurate information from public records. The access is quick and easy, so users do not have to spend hours searching for information about people in search engines or social media websites. CheckPeople is not a scam, and users can safely try it out and continue to use it after the trial expires if they wish to.

CheckPeople Customer Reviews

If you are still wondering 'is CheckPeople legit?', we have gathered customer reviews that can help you gain insights into what users really think of the system.

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