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Is she Cheating on Me? Wife and Girlfriend Cheating Red Flags

by Maria S.

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Is she Cheating on Me? How To Find Out If Girlfriend or Wife is Cheating!

Let's face it, if you came to a point where you have to ask yourself this question, you might be in trouble.

Now it could be that you are just being paranoid, or you might have something to it. Deep down inside you, and only you are the one that knows the answer to that.

If you are not a jealous guy, and you have never had any issues of a cheating girlfriend, then its time to deep in question and find out if she really is cheating on you.

The first thing you have to ask is: Why do you think she is cheating on you? What makes you think she is cheating on you? Is spending more time with a new friend, is she staying out late more than usual? Do you find her lying about little things? Is she spending more time on social media? These are the type of questions you need to start asking yourself.

If you answered YES to all these questions, then you might want to start and dig deeper as to finding out if you are being cheating on.

Being cheating on sucks, and it can break your heart; damage your trust for years to come and really destabilize you as a person; as a partner and a spouse.

Is she Cheating on Me

These are some of the relationship red flags you should look into if you think your girlfriend, wife, or partner is being unfaithful.

  • You start noticing an emotional distance between her and you. Things are different than the way they were before.
  • She communicates less. You get fewer text messages throughout the day, fewer phone calls, and overall just less attention.
  • She comes up with excuses, delays or postpones your plans together.
  • She stops asking you to do things together.
  • She starts asking you to spend more time with your friends.
  • Her schedule starts changing drastically. She spends more time running errands, shopping or with ‘new friends’ you only recently started hearing about.
  • She starts receiving secret text messages and she starts using Snapchat and new apps you never heard about before.
  • She neglects and ignores certain phone calls or text messages when you are around.
  • She gets new text messages from old college friends she recently started re-connecting with. Those could actually be fake.
  • She starts getting anxious when you are around her phone and turns her phone over.
  • Her appearance and clothing changes; the way she speaks changes. She starts buying new clothes and changing her looks. Her wardrobe may have suddenly doubled. She might be trying to impress or dress up for someone other than you. She starts buying new type of makeup and trying all sorts of new things she did not before.
  • She starts blaming you for cheating. That is a very common trait of cheaters. They try to turn things around.
  • Her phone is turned off during certain hours of the day. When you ask her, she says her battery was drained out.
  • She talks about moving to a new apartment
  • She starts talking about traveling, but her traveling plans do not include you.
  • She stops coming to your family invites. She used to love coming over to your best friends house, or your favorite uncle house, but that stopped and she does now any more.
  • You stop having sex. If she comes up with excuses that she is tired or does not want to have sex; that is a big cheating red flag.
  • She nags more than usual. She starts complaining about things she did not before. Everything you do starts annoying her, and she starts disrespecting you.

Should you ignore these warning signs?

No, you should confront her and see if she has anything to say about any of the above. If she starts getting nervous then she is probably hiding something. You can use GoLookUp Catch a Cheater tool and track her cell phone and text messages. Most of all you should follow your gut feeling so you do not get hurt!


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