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Killeen Police Departments: Information, Websites, Contact Information, and More

by Kelly G.

Killeen Police Departments, City of Killeen Police Department

Killeen Police Departments Information

The Killeen Police Departments is the law enforcement agency in the city of Killeen, in the state of Texas.

About the Department

The City of Killeen Police Department has jurisdiction over a territory of 55,235 square miles in the city of Killeen, that has a population of 143,613.

The Killeen Police Department is accredited by CALEA (Commission on Accreditation of Law Agencies). The department has 336 employees who work to achieve the mission of the department to combat crime and improve the quality of life of Killeen citizens by partnering with the community. The head of the department is the Chief of Killeen Police who presently is Charles F Kimble.

The Killeen Police Department Address is:

3304 Community Blvd,

Killeen, TX 76542.

Killeen Police Departments

The phone number to contact the department is (254) 501 8800. For any emergency, one can contact 911. The department has a tips line (254) 526 8477 that allows the public to anonymously provide tips to stop crime or report criminal activity.

The Killeen Police Department Email addresses for individual departments are available:

Chief of Police:

Police Intelligence Unit:

Criminal Investigation Division:

Public Affairs Unit:

Staff Services Division:

The Killeen Police Department’s website is

Killeen Police Departments Organization

The police in Killeen is headed by the Chief of Police, who has an Assistant Chief and Commanders of various divisions to assist in policing operations.

The divisions of the Killeen police department are:

  • Criminal Investigations Division: Investigation of all crimes including crimes against persons, property, juvenile crimes, narcotics, and prostitution are handled by this division.
  • Internal Affairs Unit: This unit looks into complaints and allegations against department staff.
  • Patrol Division: All patrol related activities, the city jail, communications office, and the tactical response team are handled by this division.
  • Public Affairs Unit: Public relations and media are handled by this unit.
  • Staff Services Division: They handle the employment of staff and human resource issues. They also take care of records, evidence management, and staff training.
  • Open records: They handle requests for information and carry out background checks.

Killeen Police Department Email

Working in the Department

The department encourages all eligible persons to apply to work in the police department. The Killeen Police Academy trains the police officers recruited. Eligibility to join the department:

  • Applicant must be a US citizen with reading and writing competence in English.
  • Must have a GED/ High school diploma.
  • Should have completed 30 college hours from an accredited college/university with at least C grade.
  • Must not be prohibited for carrying arms by any law for any reasons.
  • Should have a driving license valid in Killeen city.
  • Should be below 45 years of age.
  • Should have normal vision with normal hearing and pass the physical ability test.
  • Must pass a medical test, psychological test, and polygraph test.
  • Must not be indicted for any offense.

When the department notifies job openings, eligible persons can apply. Selection is based on clearing all the tests and the final interview.

Reporting a Crime to the Killeen Police Department

To report a crime, in an emergency situation when a crime is occurring one can call 911. If the situation is not urgent, then the crime can be reported by calling the phone number of the department on 254 501 8800. One can also visit the police station to report a crime or lodge a complaint. Depending on the type of complaint, an officer may be dispatched to your location.

The police department invites citizens to report any suspicious activities they observe. This can be reported by calling the department. Auto thefts can be reported by downloading and using the Citizens can also email the respective department using the email IDs given above.


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