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Kindle VS. iPad: Who Wins the Tech War?

by Rick S.

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Kindle VS. iPad What is the Difference in Features?

The tech media branded Amazon Kindle as a device which will provide stiff competition to the iPad. The comparison may not be fair to Amazon as no company wants to appear virtually second best to another. For price conscious buyers, the Kindle is a clear winner, being much cheaper than the Apple manufactured and marketed iPad. The question is if you are not price conscious, which would make a better product?

To answer this question, it is not a good idea to do a feature by feature comparison. Instead, it will be discussed what the Kindle does well and what the iPad excels in. As a potential customer, you can then decide which device to buy for your specific requirements.

Amazon Kindle

Both devices can complete their primary task- be an excellent media consumption device at minimal cost. If you love to read, the ability to read text smoothly even in direct sunlight in the kindle comes across as a pleasant surprise. This ability, to many, could trump over many features the Amazon made Kindle lacks.

Kindle VS. iPad
Speaking of Amazon, the company packs the Kindle product with a free Amazon Prime period. It means you can also watch movies on the go if you have the Fire model. It compares favorably with other devices, including then iPad when measured in this respect. Although the resolution of the display is a little poor compared to the iPad, there is an actual discernible dip in picture quality in reality. The screen of the Kindle makes a really enjoyable viewing experience.

All this does not mean you should use the Kindle to watch movies. Amazon wants you to read books in this device and made it do just that. You cannot connect the device directly to the television as you would do with the iPad. The Amazon device also supports streaming movies. You can purchase or rent a movie from Amazon. For Kindle owners, one big advantage is ready access to the Amazon company's Appstore. It means everything you download has the approval of Amazon itself. If you love to play games, then the app stocks some games you can download and play anytime.


What about the iPad?

The iPad, simply put, does everything better. Critics say of course it should, being priced twice the Kindle price. The Apple product is faster and has much more storage space. It has all extras which make Apple products sell well even at prices much higher than its competitors. The iPad does not regard the Kindle as its competitor. It is going for a head to head against laptops and netbooks.

If you want to read only books, then the iPad is not for you. The text does not read well in direct sunlight. Being said, the iPad has a better collection of books compared to the Kindle. The latter provides its readers access to only the Kindle bookstore. The iPad, in comparison, gives access to the Kindle bookstore, Apple's iBookstore, and the Barnes and Noble bookstore.

It is natural that the iPad is a much better device to watch movies. The display is much bigger and you, along with your friends can gather around to watch a movie or watch television. You can also stream movies from the computer to the iPad, meaning you can save storage space. It is a cinch to connect iPad to the television. This will enable you to watch what you want on a bigger screen. The Apple product has some carefully thought extras like Bluetooth and 3G that are not available on Kindle.

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