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Popular Types of Kitchen Designs

by Keren P.

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Popular Types of Kitchen Designs

Layout matters when it comes to designing a kitchen. Whether you’re renovating or building your dream home from scratch, the kitchen is a space that gets a lot of observation from guests. In order to build the perfect kitchen for your home, you’ll have to understand the different types of kitchens out there and compare each with your home design to know which would go best.

The traditional kitchen work triangle has now been remodeled to a new, more efficient layout. Instead of the typical triangle, the idea now is to create a practical work zone. Here are a few different types of kitchens you can consider for your home.

1. One-wall kitchens

This design was originally called the ‘Pullman kitchen,' and it's usually found in studio or loft apartments. This kind of kitchen saves you a lot of space and gives you a lot of room to work in. The concept is that there is one single wall where cabinets, cupboards, and appliances are fixed, while the rest of the space is open. Most one-wall kitchens also have a kitchen island to give it more style. 


2. Galley kitchens

This is the best layout for one-cook kitchens and small layouts. It’s efficient and stylish. The galley kitchen is also known as the walk-through kitchen because of two walls that are built parallel to each other. It usually involves two countertops facing each other with a walkway between them. This layout is efficient because of its impressive use of space. You will no longer have to struggle with corner cabinets and tight corners. When everything is out there in the open, there is more space to work around.

3. L-shaped kitchens

This kitchen style is best used for small to medium sized kitchens. It maximizes corner space and the layout is very pleasing to the eye. The kitchen has countertops fitted onto two perpendicularly adjoining walls, forming an L shape. The optimal length of the legs is 12 to 15 feet. This way, you'll have room to fit everything while also utilizing the space you have very well. This layout lets you cut out traffic from your kitchen and your home. This kitchen style is especially efficient because you can add to it easily. You could add a workstation or a dining area inside the L and have multiple work zones. It saves space and works seamlessly. 

4. Horseshoe kitchens

Horseshoe kitchens are also known as U-shaped kitchens. It consists of three adjoining walls or two ‘L’ shaped walls with an island that makes up the third wall. This design is great for workflow and increases efficiency in the kitchen. It also prevents traffic buildup because of its open layout. The horseshoe design allows for more than one person to cook in the kitchen at the same time.

Kitchen Layouts

5. Kitchens with islands. 

This might be the most popular kitchen design nowadays. Having a kitchen island is not just practical but also allows for quicker workflow and more efficiency. The kitchen island could have built-in cabinets and appliances, or it could simply double back as a dining area. You could store beverages with a wine cooler and even prepare food. You could have any kind of layout and still include an island. It improves the overall aesthetic of the space while also being more efficient.

6. Peninsula kitchens

Peninsula kitchens work by converting a regular L-shaped kitchen into a horseshoe kitchen using a connected island. You could also turn a horseshoe-shaped kitchen into a G-shaped design. Peninsulas have pretty much the same function as islands, but they allow for more clearance and space to move.

There are many designs to consider when modeling your kitchen. Once you know your options, choose according to your existing floor plan.

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