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Law School Rankings – These Are the Best Law Schools in The Country!

by Alvin V.

Law School Rankings – These Are the Best Law Schools in The Country!, Law Schools

Best Law Schools in the US!

Are you planning to take up law for further studies? Perhaps, you’d like a diploma in litigation. The United States has some of the best law schools in the world. It’s natural that a prospective law student would find the array of prestigious law schools on offer confusing. Law school rankings have always served the purpose of clearing such doubts from the mind of hopeful law students and their guardians. You can take a look at the various US law school rankings and make your pick! In this article, we inform you about some of the best law schools America has to offer. To find out about them, read on below –

Yale University 

Frequent topper in US law school rankings, the law school at Yale is incredibly noteworthy. It has an acceptance rate of only 8%. For every 4.2 students studying at Yale University, there’s one teacher to mentor them. 83.3.% of students graduating out of Yale are employed right out of school.

Stanford University 

Recognized second in US law school rankings, Stanford University’s law program is just as good as Yale’s. The acceptance rate here is a little higher at 10%. The student-faculty ratio is also better at 4:1. 91.3% of graduates from Stanford’s law school end up with a job immediately after passing out.

US Law School Rankings

Harvard University

Who hasn’t heard of this acclaimed law school? It is probably one of the most popular law schools in the world. Harvard University’s student acceptance rate is 16%. The student/faculty ratio here is 8.1:1. If you manage to earn a law degree from this law school rankings chart-topper, you can expect to be among the 91.6% of fellow graduates employed with a job right after your degree.

University of Chicago

The law school run by the University of Chicago is well recognized for its faculty and placements. 93.5% of students passing out from here have a job by the time they complete their degree. The acceptance rate here is better at 21%. The student-faculty ratio is some 4.8/1.

Columbia University

Columbia University provides one of the best law schools in America, if not the world. Located in New York, Columbia’s law program can compete with some of the best law schools to ever have been found. An acceptance rate of 20% and a student-faculty ratio of 5.4/1 makes it an appealing school for law prospects to gain their degree from. Also, the employment rate among immediate passouts from Columbia is 93.3%.

Law School

New York University 

Not many know of New York University’s law course, as it doesn’t feature as commonly as the above as part of global law school rankings. That said, NYU has an extremely competent law program with an acceptance rate of 27%. Students will find it easier to get into NYU’s law course than some of the other law schools on this list, for this reason. A student-teacher ratio of 6:1 ensures that no student is neglected. Additionally, 90.7% of law graduates from NYU find themselves with employment after school.


Students aspiring to take up law after high school often keep a watch over law school rankings, to determine which law schools they should apply to. If you happen to be in the United States, US law school rankings published every year in magazines and news portals should be able to help you make the right decision. These lists compile some of the best law schools in the country and the world. Our list, here, was also an attempt at bringing to you the best law schools that the US has to offer for wannabe litigators and advocates.


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