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Libra: How to Dress According to Your Sign

by Rhon A.

Libra Star Sign Fashion, Libra Style

Star Sign Fashion: Libra

People born between September 22 and October 23 the Libras are governed by the planet Venus, known for its taste of finer experiences in life that encompass a fair bit of panache on the aesthetic side of things like fashion and interiors. Born with a swift sense of humor and charms that naturally goes along with it, it is necessary for Libras that their wardrobe also brings out the best in their personality. This Air Sign loves everything to be in balance or simply put like a Libra ‘In Harmony’.

As one of the few signs directly related to beauty and harmony, Librans hate anything messy or chaotic. Needing everything on an even keel these perfectionists happen to put a lot of thought and energy into what they do, whether it be a mundane chore or buying clothes for themselves.

If you are wondering why Librans are so strongly drawn towards aesthetics and how they might be the better than most at it can be exemplified by the fact that fashion icons like Kim Kardashian, Cardi B, Bella Thorne, and Gwen Stefani are Librans.

Libra Star Sign Fashion
Versatile Wardrobe

Librans bestowed with grace by Venus herself have this innate gift of dressing for the occasion. Having a flashy sequined blazer and nice tailored suit might not be much of a stretch for Librans whether a male or a female. Both Men’s and women’s fashion is filled with clothes that will fit every occasion.


This is one key factor of the Librans that they go to their trusted clothes ever so often. It can either be a shirt or a dress that makes them feel confident or something that they know will impress others. This kind of consistency is ingrained into them and there is very little that anyone can do something about it. Sticking to certain favorites is the key to a Libra.


All the options in the world of fashion will keep you busy for a very long time this year, but whatever you choose after your careful selection will definitely be something elegant.

Blue madness

Librans seem to gravitate more towards the color blue and ivory for some reason. Maybe it has something to do with the harmonious and calm nature of a Libran or just the plain fact that it looks good on them.

Nothing bold

Librans usually go for elegance and something that would get people’s attention but is not over the top. Most of the time a Libra would refrain from using high contrast shades or something that might be daring. Wild patterns are also a big no-no.

Libra Style


For a Libra, florals with abstract shapes or colors are the way to go. Grey and black are also two evergreen options that are always present in a Librans wardrobe.

No impulse buys

This is a total absence of “I bought it because it was on discount” stuff in a Libra’s almirah. The calculative nature of their takes over when trying to spend money and a lot of thought goes into clothes. If it's in the wardrobe it better be worth it.

Ever-Evolving Taste

One specific trend that sets the Libra apart from others is that they keep on changing their style and are open to experimentation. This means that something that may have considered to be too hip sometime back might just end up in their wardrobe. For example, you may not like chino pants one summer but decide to buy them the next season.

All in all, whether it is Men’s or Women’s fashion it has been established that Librans can pull off blue and cream colors quite well. This does not mean that grey and black and other pastel colors don’t reside in their wardrobes; it just means that they are not brought out as often as the others. This combined with a lack of sweatpants and those lazy gym wear/athleisure clothes mean that a Libra is dressed well at all times.


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