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LinkedIn Profile Tips You Have to Know!

by Keren P.

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LinkedIn Account Tips

Your LinkedIn profile must be smart. If not, you can say bye to your brand. This is the online space you must maintain at the cost of everything else. The more effort you put in your LinkedIn, the more rewards you will reap.

The aim is not only to get more views and clicks but also to impress people, so they stay on. Your profile must be sufficiently great to make people stay on.

The “skills” section should include your search terms and keywords

Typing the proper keyword helps you to get found in LinkedIn results, Millions of searches are done by recruiters to locate the person they want to hire. Your keywords should be your skills. Even if you do not have any particular word anywhere in your profile, it is perfectly okay to mention it as a skill. It means whenever someone types in that word or even a phase, your profile will come up in the search results. LinkedIn allows a maximum of 50 words per profile to be keywords. Do not hesitate to put in as much as possible. However, do not put all these keywords in your profile. It will become spammy. Keywords make a big difference for recruiters to find you (or not if you do not).


The headline must be optimized and insert a photograph

When any person, including the HR personnel of any company, types a keyword in the search box, the individual will get profiles of 10 people in every page of the search result. The person will then make a decision on which profile to click. This action could be a well thought out one or any link in random. The word "random" is applicable as the individual is yet to see your complete profile.

Any person who enters your profile will read your headline and look at your photograph. It is thus important that you give your best in these particular two areas. The image must have a professional appearance and you should look welcoming and friendly. It is shallow to judge a person based on looks, but it is a normal human reaction to search for a presentable, friendly face. A majority of the human population goes by looks and the reaction to your photo will be an automatic one. It is a subconscious reaction.

The headline is vital as it appears underneath the name in the search results. The default arrangement is Job Title X at Company Y. It is your job to make your work look attractive. This is doable even if your job is a standard one. To do this, put in some extra keywords. A typical example is Head Scientist at X. There is no need to do this if you have a unique job. Do not make any changes in the employment history section.

Avoid excessive abbreviations or your certifications in the headline. It is alright to put in a single one, like MBA. Do not, however, put in a whole lot of them. They not only appear spammy but may also cost you the chance of snagging an interview call and hence the job.

LinkedIn Profile

Your LinkedIn profile must be smart

You should impress people after they have clicked. To do this, get a few recommendations. A lot of LinkedIn templates are floating around and the person who has no objection to recommend you can simply follow the template. About three recommendations are sufficient. Recommendations not only grab attention but also builds credibility. Better recommendations mean greater chances of getting an interview. Do mention particular accomplishments under jobs you have done in the past. Do not write only "responsible for x."


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