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How to Find Marriage Records in Kansas?

A marriage record constitutes a part of the vital records of a state. It is a systematic database of registered Marriage in an area. There can be many reasons why a person has to access marriage records. For one, it would important be important for someone to carry a background check of the person if they are going to marry him/ her. These documents are further accessed and utilized by government and institutions as a protocol for background verification.

How Marriage Records are maintained in Kansas

Marriage records are maintained at the local county court. Application for a marriage certificate can be initiated by providing a list of mandatory documents, which is applicable to both parties.

  • A valid government ID with photo
  • Proof that both parties are not close relatives
  • Proof of age (minimum of 18 years)
  • Parents' full name with a mention of the current address and state of birth
  • Divorce Certificate in case either party is a divorcee
  • Death certificate in case either party is a widow

     Kansas Marriage Records

If all the documents are correctly furnished, the State of Kansas courts grants a Marriage Certificate in the presence of both parties for a fee of $85.50. The particulars are maintained in a Vital record file with all the details at the time of marriage and can be accessed under the marriage record section of vital records. Not all types of judges are eligible to grant such certificates. Only a select few such as a tribal judge, a clergy, a judge from a court of record, mayor among a few others can officially grant such documents.

Obtaining Certified Marriage Records

There are many County links to access and download marriage records. The Official Site of Kansas vital records have tied up with Vital Networks, INC to provide vital records online. The link for the vital network is

The office of Vital Statistics of the Kansas State Department of Health & Environment provides marriage certificates on request. The county office should be approached in case the required records are not available with the Vital Statistics office. The processing of the requesting application is normally 2-3 weeks long and is done by the Office of Vital Statistics and the certified copies are then sent to the applicant/ requestor by mail.


Marriage Certificates

Kansas State Department of Health & Environment

Office of Vital Statistics

1000 SW Jackson, #120

Topeka, KS 66612-2221

Phone: 785-296-1400

Fax: 785-296-8075

The process applicable when it comes to the applications made at the local county courts is also pretty simple. The concerned person has to visit the nearest local county, provide a valid government-issued proof of identity and are then free to access their personal marriage records.

Marriage Records Kansas
Marriage Records Online

There are many websites providing vital records online. One just has to provide a few details. The websites providing a certificate for free give a non-certified copy to the requestor. Websites providing a certified copy charge a commission for the work in addition to the county charge for the certificate. Some of the websites for Marriage records online are:

These websites are becoming popular day-by-day owing to their faster service response, and with greater efficiency. These websites require few details for authentication based upon whether the state is a closed record state or open record state. With a credit or debit card, one can make quick payment and access the Marriage records over e-mail or download the copies directly to there devices.

Fees for Marriage Records:

Online or By Phone

For Certified Copies - $15 & $13.5 (Processing Fee)


Certified Copies - $15

By Mail

Certified Copies -$15

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on June 2, 2020
Sensitive Information!