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Marriage Records Search in Mississippi

Marriage records are the documents filed with the government to prove that a couple has been officially married. In Mississippi, the marriage certificate is a proof of marriage and can also be used to complete legal formalities. Both the marriage license and certification are vital documents for the married individual. The marriage records are not only useful to prove the legitimacy of marriage but can also be used as a proof of identity, especially when one of the spouses decide to change their last name. The records can also help the individual trace their family's genealogy and learn about their family's history.

In Mississippi, marriage records can be found at the state and county offices. The available records date from January 1, 1926, to June 30, 1938, and then from January 1, 1942, to the present. The marriage records from July 1, 1938, to December 31, 1941, can be found only at those county offices where the marriage license was issued.

Marriage Records Search in Mississippi
How to Find Marriage Records in Mississippi

Searching for a marriage record in Mississippi is relatively easy. The state or county officials record all the marriages in Mississippi. As long as stated otherwise, these records are public and can be requested from the county office. There are various ways through which an individual can request a marriage record. The request can either be offline or it could be an online request.

Order via mail

The individual who wants to search for a marriage record can request the same from the Mississippi State Department of Health (MSDH) Vital Records Office. Except for the records from July 1, 1938, to December 31, 1941, all the records can be found at the MSDH offices. The individual is required to fill in the request form and pay a fee of $17. For additional copies, they will be charged $6 per copy. The completed and signed form, along with the valid ID proofs must be mailed to the Vital Records Office in Jackson.


Order via phone

The marriage records can be ordered via phone from the MSDH Vital Records Office. The private company, Vital Chek, looks searches for the record and mails the copy to the requester. They, however, charge an additional $8.50 for their services.

Order online

Similar to ordering via phone, an individual can request for the marriage records online through Vital Chek, Mississippi. Vital Chek is a government-endorsed company. They quickly and securely process the vital records directly from the state officials. A fee of $25.50 will be charged for the online order. Additional charges will be levied if the individual opts for delivery through UPS Air.

Visit the office

The individual can visit the Ridgeland Office to request marriage records between the allotted time. They can also contact the county office where their marriage was registered more details on the marriage records.

Marriage Records Search in Mississippi1
In order to request a search of marriage records, the individual will have to give the following information:

  1. Full name of the couple as stated in the marriage license
  2. The date, month and year of the marriage
  3. The state, city or county where the license was issued
  4. The reason behind requesting the search
  5. Payment method (online order)
  6. Current billing and shipping address

In case the individual is searching for their own records or that of their parents, grandparents, children, grandchildren or siblings, they will have to submit a valid photo ID with the form. If the individual is the legal guardian or representative, they will have to submit documents to prove the same, along with the photo identification.

Processing and Delivery Period

In Mississippi, the records will normally take at least 7 to 10 working days to be processed and delivered. In case of delivery via UPS Air, the processing will take about 3 to 5 working days, and the records may be delivered overnight. For more details, it is prudent to contact the Circuit Clerk where the license was issued or the Vital Records Office.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on June 4, 2020
Sensitive Information!