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Maryland Judiciary Case Search Explained!

by Jessica V.

Maryland Judiciary Case Search, Maryland Case Search

Maryland Judiciary Case Search - What You Need to Know about Judiciary Cases in Maryland!

When we meet new people, we all have an initial instinct about them that indicates whether we should trust them or not. However, sharp as our instincts could be, there are people out there who are masters of breaking through barriers and making others believe them from the start.

When dealing with these kinds of people, there is no reason to avoid them, but professional liars usually have an agenda that could cause you harm. Luckily, there are ways to protect yourself from people that may harm you and your property.

The state of Maryland, for example, helps it residents find out the truth about the people in their lives by granting them access to District Court case records via the Maryland Judiciary Case Search website. The advanced and up-to-date site allows users to find out if a Maryland resident has pending court cases or a criminal record of any kind. The free service lets you explore court cases in Maryland, and here is what you should know about it.

Maryland Judiciary Case Search

 Maryland Judiciary Case Search - What Type of Results Does a Case Search Provides?

The advanced and free site provides data on court cases, including the names of the parties involved, the charges at hand, the state, and city where the case took place, the case number, birth dates of the parties involved, the date of the trial, case disposition, and case data and information.

The Maryland Judiciary Case Search website offers access to traffic, civil, and criminal court records, as well as access to the Maryland Circuit Court criminal and civil case records. The criminal court cases on the website date back to 1991, civil cases are from 1989, and they remain on the website indefinitely (unless expunged). Traffic records are available on the Maryland Judiciary Case Search site for 36 months, with the exception of serious incidents, such as driving under the influence of drugs/alcohol.

To find information on cases covered by Maryland Rules, you will need to contact the clerk's office. Said information would become available on the Maryland Judiciary Case Search website as soon as it is entered (except for data from the Montgomery County Court that becomes available 10 minutes after its entry to the system).

If you search for information on liens and judgments, you might not receive all the necessary data. Why? Because the access to such data relies on the circuit court's decision. Unfortunately, the lack of access to tax lien information (state or federal) can harm you if you want to search for financial data on a person you are considering having business with.

Judiciary Maryland Case Search

Conducting a Search on the Maryland Judiciary Case Search

Like many other service sites, the Maryland Judiciary Case Search requires you to agree to its conditions, terms of use, and also the limitations it stipulates on the home page. This means that you are aware that the information provided by the site is not necessarily accurate, and you are solely responsible for how you interpret and use the data provided to you.

If you accept the terms, you can begin to use the site by entering a person's full name (first name and last name). Then, you have to follow these instructions to find the case you are interested in:

Click on the radio button-----select person-----select "all case types"-----select “Both Circuit and District Courts” search------select county (you are recommended to choose the “Default All” option)

If you are uncertain that the case provided to you relates to the person you have in mind, you can narrow down the search results by providing their date of birth, current or previous address, alias, dates of civil and criminal cases, the counties the person in question lived in.

 Maryland Judiciary Case Search – Exceptions and Missing Services

The information provided by the Maryland Judiciary Case Search is extensive, but it cannot always allow you to find the criminal data you need. Why? Because of the simple fact, the different court circuits in different counties throughout Maryland provide court cases from different dates. This means that you can find a court case in one county that dates back to 1987, but you will not receive any data on cases from that year from other counties.

Also, the site returns an "error" message if it came up with too many cases based on your search parameters so that you might end up with no information at all.

Searching for cases relating to sex offenders is also tricky because they are handled by the Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services (DPSCS), whose website also has faults and gaps in information.

However, one of the most significant problems with the Maryland Judiciary Case Search site is that does not provide information about cases that have been expunged. These kinds of cases are kept in public records, and that is the place to search for them.

The best way to resolve these problems is by using a background check site that can provide you with court case information not only in the state of Maryland but also all the other states in America.

How to Search for Public Records and Perform Background Checks

The limitations that the Maryland Judiciary Case Search has do not mean that the website cannot help you from time to time. However, if you want to find accurate information about a particular person in Maryland or other states, you must have access to public records.

GoLookUp provides all users with public records information, and can help you find all the following data quickly and easily:

  • Criminal Records
  • Mugshots
  • Contact information
  • Arrest records
  • Traffic violations
  • Court cases
  • Sexual Offenses

Maryland Criminal Records

If you need to find information about a person you meet online or in person, GoLookUp is the place where you can be confident you will find the truth about their past. By just entering the name/phone number/email address/physical address of a person you have questions about, GoLookUp scans millions of public records and compiles a report about their past in a matter of minutes.

The handy, accurate, and quick background check tool can help you find the absolute truth about people, and avoid the financial, mental, or physical harm that might occur at the hands of those who lie about their past.

Background Check anyone in the State of Maryland in Minutes!

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